Friday, February 21, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 46 To 52 ♥

It's #Project365 time again and this week has been a very eventful one as we celebrated Tyler Lee's first birthday on Sunday. Let me show you another week of my beautiful little sons life in a picture a day.

On Saturday night I went into my boys room to check on him and I couldn't stop looking at him as he slept, he looked so peaceful and I stayed there just staring at him for a good fifteen minutes. I am in awe of him, even when he's just laying there sleeping.

On Sunday my little prince was one and this picture was taken as part of one of our mini photo sessions of the day. I love his fuzzy blonde curly hair in this picture and his piercing blue eyes. I think he's absolutely beautiful. He doesn't look very happy as he's suffering with an ear infection and it was driving him mad on his birthday.

 On Monday night I got home late so crept into Tyler Lee's room to get his daily picture, I swear that child has a radar and knows when I'm around. He woke up and immediately pulled his puppy comforter over his face and then covered his eyes with his hands, cheeky pup.

On Tuesday my boy and I had a lazy day and he was watching some cartoons with his handmade prince sibling hares which were made just for Tyler Lee for his birthday. I love his little curls in the sunlight.

 On Wednesday my babe was being a silly billy and trying to climb the stairs and up to my bed to tickle attack him. Here he was after all the giggling looking quite subdued. No more stairs climbing for him!

 On Thursday my boy was playing with one of his birthday balloons before he went shopping with his daddy. He wasn't too interested in the balloons at first but now can't get enough of them. It's so sweet to see him playing with them. He loves when they float up into the air.

On Friday my little angel received two birthday packages, one from a friend in Ireland and one from a friend in the US. This gorgeous felt rainbow was a gift to Tyler Lee from my best friend Cher, we love it! Tyler Lee was looking at it for ages and trying to arch his back like the rainbow!



  1. Oh he's such a little poppet! Those big blue eyes....he's going to break some hearts Fiona x

  2. Such beautiful photos!

  3. Such cute photos, he looks like a very happy little man!


  4. What a cutie patootie! I hope Tyler Lee had a wonderful first birthday :] xx

  5. He's so cute..wonderful pictures


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