Friday, February 14, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 39 To 45 ♥

I've decided to make my #Project365 into a weekly feature instead of an everyday post to make it easier for me to have all these pictures in one place when I look back at all the pictures at the end of the year. Let me show you all the actions, facial expressions and things my baby boy got up to this week.

On Saturday my boy was a sleeping beauty before I got his picture.

On Sunday my baby bunny felt grass for the first time and was having fun in his grandparents garden with the dog.

On Monday my boy's hair was looking adorable but he kept moving before I could get a proper picture of it, I settled for his big blue eyes instead.

 On Tuesday my boy was enjoying a healthy fruity snack by the fire because it was freezing cold.

On Wednesday my boy was being a cheeky monkey stuffing his face with white chocolate buttons and not sharing with me!

 On Thursday my boy enjoyed a lovely warm bubbly bath before bed and he developed a new habit, tasting the water! I really don't know where he picks these things up from or what goes through his head when he's doing them!
On Friday my boy had a chocolate brownie breakfast to celebrate Valentines Day. Least to say it was a messy experience but he loved it, looks like he's a chocoholic like his mammy!

This post marks another week of my baby boys life caught in pictures. I hope next week is full of wonderful adventures for him too.



  1. Awww what a sweetie! He is so cute! I miss mine being this small! xx


  2. He's adorable! I love the first picture of him sleeping, he looks so peaceful with his bunny! Thanks for linking up #binkylinky

    1. Thank you Emily, that's one of my faves too :)

  3. What lovely pictures and I just love the little bunny ears. So cute!

  4. Gorgeous boy, I love Wednesdays photo with the little wry smile! x

  5. aww your blog is lovely and your son is soo cute great post xx

  6. Love the baby bunny hat!

  7. Aww, love the bunny hat! Fab pictures too. #binkylinky


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