Tuesday, February 04, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 35 - Puppy Is A Baby's Best Friend ♥

Puppy is one of Tyler Lee's favourite comforters and today he was really loving him. I had puppy placed on the shelves in the sitting room and Tyler Lee climbed up and took Puppy down and proceeded to give him kisses, cuddles, scoot him along the floor next to him and bite his nose, it was so cute to see. I love seeing babies and children holding onto their favourite cuddly toy wherever they go so I'm so glad that my baby boy has a particular penchant for one of his. Puppy is adorable too and I bought him for him so he made a good choice! I think Tyler Lee found even more comfort in Puppy today as he's teething again and really feeling the pain. It's nice to know that he finds something soothing to him and I hope it brought him some comfort.


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