Sunday, February 02, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 33 - Swinging ♥

Today the baby enjoyed another one of his birthday presents earlier than his actual birthday but he adores swings so how could we resist and not give him a go on it. He loved it and was laughing and giggling as he zoomed up into the air. He also loved being around my parents boxer dog Tyson. I'm so glad he's not afraid of animals, I grew up with pets so it's important to me for my son to be comfortable around animals. I love this shot as I think the glimpse of sunlight behind the bush really makes it special. I'm really becoming obsessed with photography since taking up this project. I love to capture a moment, a feeling, part of someone's history in a picture and lighting, location and mood all add to the image for me. I'm so glad we got Tyler Lee a swing for his birthday, it was such a great choice. I'm sure he'll have hours of fun in the garden this year now.

What adventure and image shall await us tomorrow I wonder?



  1. Beautiful boy and beautiful photograph xx

  2. Nice photo!
    My daughter also loves swinging.)

    1. Thank you Irina, it's so great to see your child enjoy something so much isn't it? :)

  3. Look at the little socks! Our boys look a simiklae age. Beautiful xxx

  4. aww so cute.i love ur baby.!


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