Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Little Prince Themed 1st Birthday Party Planning ♥

 It'll soon be my baby boy's first birthday (just eleven days to go infact!), an occasion which I am both looking forward to and slightly saddened by, my baby will be a baby no more but a one year old, eek! I want his birthday to be very special for him, even though I know he won't remember the day I want him to look back on photos and think "wow, look how much fun I had on my first birthday!". The theme of his party is 'Little Prince', self explanatory really as he's my little prince.

The colour scheme I have gone for is blue, silver, gold and white so I've stocked up on blue and silver/grey coloured balloons, blue 'Happy 1st Birthday' banners and silver plates and cutlery. We will also have a giant '1' balloon and a crown balloon. I wanted to get some personalised bunting made to act as a keepsake after the party which could be put above Tyler Lee's cot so I asked the very talented Vicki from Chloris Boris if she could sew me some in baby blue and silver with crowns on the end flags. It's least to say that Vicki outdid herself, the royal flag look bunting she made Tyler Lee is absolutely stunning. It has his full name 'Tyler Lee' with three crowns. The crowns have silver coloured bows and silver pearl balls on the crown tips as well as on the letter flags too. The attention to detail is superb and I am so happy with the bunting. I highly recommend Chloris Boris to everyone if you want something special, Vicki is so accommodating and her sewing is perfection. I will also have pictures of Tyler Lee hanging on silver string with silver and heart pegs. I want there to be lots of images of him around the house on his special day.
Picture courtesy of Chloris Boris.
  I've ordered Tyler Lee a baby blue, grey and white smash the cake outfit that I'm hoping and praying will arrive by February 14th - the last post day before his birthday. I also got him a handmade baby blue and white felt crown which is already here, yay! I really love it and it's perfect for my little prince.
 As for food his birthday cake shall be two-tier and is something quite similar to his christening cake which you can see here and will have elements from the cake pictured below. His father and I shall be making all the food which is going to be gourmet sandwiches, cheesecakes, cupcakes and finger foods all served on silver platters, the cupcakes will be on their own iced stand, I really can't wait to see them and his birthday cake. Tyler Lee will also have a special little cake all for himself to 'smash'.
Picture sourced on Pinterest.
We've gotten some professional pictures taken of Tyler Lee but I shall also be taking some of my own pictures of him and will be getting some 'O,N,E' letters to act as props in his photos. I thing everyone knows I'm crazy into my photography so I want some lots of pictures to remember this special day in his life.

Keeping with the prince theme one of Tyler Lee's birthday gifts will act as a decoration at the party, two sibling prince hares from Melody and Me who clothes have crowns on them. These will act as a keepsake for Tyler Lee to have from his first ever birthday, a truly special gift to treasure forever.

As you can see I've put a lot of thought into my baby boy's big day. I found Pinterest to be a fantastic source of inspiration for party planning and also a great aid into finding the items that I needed for the day. I hope Tyler Lee has an amazing time on his birthday and enjoys his party celebrations with all his family.



  1. Aww so cute, we found out we're having a boy so can't wait to throw him his first birthday party, although he won't even be here until June:)

    1. Awh yay for the boys! Congratulations Yav :) xo

  2. Aww this is cute! I love the little crown you have got for him :)

    L x

    1. Thank you! I love the crown too, such a sweet thing and great for imaginative play :) xo

  3. Very sweet. Hope he - and you - have a wonderful day!

  4. Pinterest is truly amazing. It helped so much when I was planning our wedding.


    1. It really is, such a great source of inspiration :)

  5. Aww so cute! Oscar will be one in May so I need to get a wriggle on with the theme for it :D

    Louise x

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