Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'll Always Remember You ♥

 I'll always remember you.
Even though you were part of my life for a very short time I will always appreciate the fact that you were mine.
You deserved a name, so I gave you one, a neutral one as sadly I'll never know if your spirit was male or female.
I'll always remember you when October comes by, especially the sixteenth as I was due to meet you that day but I'll never know if you're an early show or a keep me waiting kind of person. I'll also remember you on your brothers birthday, the day I realised you were leaving me for good.
I light candles for you to try and keep you near me, the flame representing you, burning for a short time and then being blown out, I wish you could have burned forever and let your light shine bright into my life but sadly it was not mean to be.
I'm glad that it's not people's bodies that go to Heaven but their souls as I imagine you as a tiny baby soul, safely cuddled up on a pure, fluffy cloud with the sun shining on you to keep you warm.
You were only part of my life for six very short weeks but the anticipation I had of meeting you was great and I did love you. I am wrong though, you will always be part of my life, not just those weeks of your presence on Earth.
Just because I never met you does not mean that I don't mourn and grieve for you.
I'm sorry I'm not there to mind you, it just wasn't meant to be but hopefully one day my soul will meet yours and we can be together, as we should have been.
I'll always remember you when a birds feather floats by me, when I see a robin in my garden, a butterfly flutters around me or a rainbow appears before me, that's how I'll know you're near.
Sleep tight little one until I come to cuddle you forever.
I love you.



  1. Very touching letter. Big hugs from Barcelona,

  2. This is really beautiful.. <3

  3. So touching and beautiful written, sending you my thoughts


  4. Beautiful words!
    Thinking of you! Sending hugs x

  5. These are sad and lonely days for you Fiona. It is a silent grief as others can't really share it with you, most not even knowing your loss. As time passes you will find a place for this little one in your life. There are so many many others who will understand as it has happened to more that you can imagine. Hugs today. Brighter days will come. It is okay to mourn your loss. xx

  6. Lovely Fiona, hope you are feeling ok xo

  7. This brought a tear to my eye. So beautiful. Big hugs xxx

  8. Awww tears here too! Such beautiful words! Sending you a huge hug xxx

  9. Oh Fiona I missed your first post so had no sad for you and Jacek. I found your letter to your baby beautiful and profoundly moving. Peace and love to you too, at this sad time. xxx

  10. This is beautiful. Sending you lots of love xxx

  11. Oh my dear Fiona, I had no idea...sending you lots of love and hugs, sweetie! ♥

  12. ♥♥♥ This is a beautiful letter and I am deeply sorry to hear of yours, Jacek's and Tyler Lee's loss. Sending you lots of love and hugs, dear Fiona. xx

  13. This so beautiful..... xxx Jazzy

  14. Oh I'm sorry hun, loved this post <3 xx

  15. so beautiful thoughts,...may he or she rest in peace.....

  16. Bless you Fiona,
    that is beautiful, we lost a little one early on in May 2012, Your words express beautifully how I felt and feel, time changes things, but I will always remember them too
    Suzie x

  17. Beautifully written, bought tears to my eyes xx

  18. Losing someone is so much painful,it's a grief that no one understand unless they bear the same pain.
    My prayers with you and your family.

  19. Lovely words for all women who have suffered the loss and hurt of a miscarriage.
    Very few understand how much this can stay with you and affect you.
    I will vote for this post xx


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