Friday, January 17, 2014

Tyler Lee's Memory Box & Record Book ♥

It's very important for me to record and save as much from Tyler Lee's early life as possible as this is the time in his life that he'll never remember but I'd like him to be able to look back at photos, see dates on when he reached all his developmental milestones and see items which were very special to him once upon a time. When Tyler Lee was a newborn he received a beautiful Emile et Rose quilted baby blue coat as a gift and it came in this lovely box, my mother suggested using the box to keep all his little keepsakes in and I thought it was a wonderful idea. The box itself is quite sweet, decorated with a baby blue and white design, my favourite colours to dress my baby boy in. As someone with a history degree and who wants to record everything it's important for me to save these things and write as much information as I can in his beautiful hardback record book which was a gift from a close friend of mine for the Christmas before Tyler Lee was born. I update his record book every time he reaches a milestone in his life. Included in Tyler Lee's memory box are -

* All the cards we received when he was born
* All his christening cards
* His first ever babygrow and hat
* The balloon his godfather brought to the hospital after he was born
* The balloon a friend of us brought to the church for his christening
* Drawings my little cousin did for Tyler Lee, check out her backwards R, too cute!
* The bib his godmother gave him on his christening day

Tyler Lee is still very young so no special toys, comforters or other special things to him have been placed in the box but I can imagine as he grows filling this box with things that were once very precious and important to him, perhaps as the years go on I'll need a bigger box to store everything in. I love having this memory box and record book, they'll be great things to go through and look back on with Tyler Lee when he's older. I wish I had something like this from my childhood, I'm such a sentimental person so it would have been a very special thing to me, hence why I wanted to keep these things for Tyler Lee and will be doing the same for all of my children. I also have a scrapbook for Tyler Lee which I shall be giving to him on his 21st birthday, I shall show that in a future blog post when a few more pages are completed.

Do you keep a memory box or record book for your child?



  1. I love these boxes hun. I also have one for Freddie, although his only 2 and a half its already quite emotional going back over newborn bits & bobs, you will definitely need a bigger box hehe xx

    1. They are so sweet aren't they Laura? Awh how sweet that you so have one for Freddie, it's so emotional looking back, I almost cried looking at his tiny newborn hat. Thanks for reading xo


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