Friday, January 24, 2014

The Miracle Tea That Makes My Baby Sleep Like A Dream ♥

I can't complain about lack of sleep, even though I became a mother for the first time in February, I'm one of those lucky mothers whose darling baby boy has slept for twelve to thirteen hours a night since he was six weeks old but still, we've had some bumps along the road, some very early wake up calls - four o' clock in the morning is quite a dark and boring hour and quite a cranky baby who really wasn't himself. His father and I went on a mission to find something to soothe his stomach, something which we're convinced he's been having pains in and with my fiance being Polish he told me about melissa tea or 'dream tea' as he called it which helps people drift off to a natural sleep. We thought it was worth a shot and that tea would be very gentle on his stomach. Jacek picked up a 200g container of this melissa tea from our local Polish shop and I can't even tell you how much of a miracle it's been for us. Tyler Lee is no longer cranky, he's an absolute joy to be around and is the happy and smiling baby he once was. I now wake up before him, yes before and I could sleep for Ireland! 

He has been sleeping from six in the evening until half eight in the morning without waking up in between. He also takes a nap at midday now and is so relaxed. So what is this miracle tea you ask? It's BoboVita Herbatka z owoców natury z melisy i jablek, a tea specifically for babies which can be given from four months on. It contains natural fruits, apples and melissa or lemon balm as it would be known in English. These ingredients are so soothing and relaxing for babies and have really worked to calm my baby boy and make him drift off into a deep sleep, one which I hope is full of wonderful dreams. This tea is caffeine free so won't have any negative effects on babies health. This tea has worked wonders for Tyler Lee, not so much in the sleeping sense as he always slept a lot but it's great to have him sleeping until a reasonable hour in the morning now and he is so much happier within himself.

Enjoying his daily bottle of tea.
This tea should be available from most Polish shops and this container was €5.25, money well spent. I'm going to buy some more tomorrow, lets hope this miracle keeps up! If you try this tea with your little one please do let me know how you get on.


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