Monday, January 13, 2014

Recent Baby Boy Clothes Purchases ♥

I think it's safe to say that my biggest weakness when it comes to shopping is baby clothes. If I see something that I love I just have to get it for my son, this has resulted, as you can imagine, in many impulse buys but you know what, I don't regret them at all, I love every outfit and piece I have bought for Tyler Lee and I have a rule that he must wearing everything at least once. Even though Tyler Lee is quite thin - just like his daddy and can still fit into 6-9 month clothes we have moved onto 9-12 month clothes but unfortunately they all seem to be too long for him! Nevertheless, I am always three months ahead of myself and have been snapping up some adorable clothes for my baby boy in sizes 12-18 months and even in 11/2 to 2 years - I can't imagine my baby being that old, as there is less than two months left until his first birthday, hopefully by February he'll be tall enough for these clothes. Let me show you what I've bought for him...

I picked up this long-sleeved 'I love my daddy' top in Next and this Junior J anchor shirt and stripey t-shirt combo in the Debenhams sale.

This Gruffalo top was also bought in the Debenhams sale and this 'Little fire engine' top is from Next. Next have lots of fire engine themed clothing that I love, I think I'll be buying more from the collections for baby's birthday/

I picked up this baby blue and white top combo in Next and I love them as it's so hard to get baby blue clothing for 12 to 18 months.  One top has 'My mummy & daddy love me' on it and the other has little animal characters. This grey cardigan is also from Next.

As you can see I was a fan of the Gruffalo clothing as I like to dress Tyler Lee in storybook/fairytale clothing if I can find them. It's so rare to find clothes like this for boys. These tops were also in the Debenhams sale and the navy and white striped one is 11/2 to 2 years!

I couldn't resist picking up some onesies. The first is baby blue with raised velour stars and dots with a matching hat. The second is red with lots of deeper red stars on it, as you can tell I like dressing the baby in clothing with stars on it. I also picked up this top and matching bottoms combo, I like that these bottoms come with the feet included because Tyler Lee has a habit of taking his socks off at every opportunity.

As I said I love dressing the baby in fairytale themed clothing so you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across this Helen Gordon babygrow which has the story of Hansel and Gretel on it, it's absolutely adorable. I also picked up this top and bottoms combo from Tesco which has anchors on it and the 'Captain Adorable' slogan. Finally I bought some new jeans from Next for Tyler Lee, I love the star design braces and these also have star upturned ends.

I'll be picking up a few more outfits for Tyler Lee as part of his birthday gifts so I'm sure another baby boy clothes haul will come soon!


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  1. Fab clothes from Debenhams there! We picked up a few pieces in that sale as well, such good quality. We have the Captain Adorable outfit too! Tyler is going to look fab in all of his new outfits! :) xo


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