Thursday, January 09, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 9 - Nom Nom Nom ♥

It's day nine of my #Project365 and I love today's picture! Once again it's the first shot I took today and I decided that I didn't need to take anymore because I love it so much. Here's Tyler Lee eating his lunch, ham and cheese on brown bread with a tiny bit of olive spread, it's one of his favourite things to eat. I love the cheeky little grin on his face, he's always happy when he's eating! Can you believe that his highchair is the same one I had as a baby, it's such a lovely thing to have and it just shows that years ago things were built to last. This highchair has gone through myself, my brother and now Tyler Lee and is still going strong twenty-three years later! I love this picture of my golden-haired boy enjoying his lunch

I'm looking forward to seeing what picture tomorrow brings of my blue-eyed baby. This project is so much fun, I'm so glad I decided to do it, I'm capturing images and moments to treasure forever.



  1. Aww, cute!! Look at those big blue eyes and blond curls, adorable!!


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