Sunday, January 05, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 5 - Bunny Wrestling ♥

It's day five of my #Project365, my goal to take a picture of my son everyday for a year. Today Tyler Lee was wrestling with his keepsake bunny Blue around my bed, he was throwing Blue down and jumping on top of him, repeating the process over and over. I got this shot in mid action where Tyler Lee was half hugging, half trying to eat Blue, I think it's adorable. Tyler Lee seems to wrestle with a lot of his toys and throw himself down on top of them, I think he's a typical, boisterous boy who is very active. He hasn't had much interaction with Blue before now as he is made from Tyler Lee's newborn baby gros and is quite sentimental so he was put on the bookshelf in Tyler Lee's nursery but I hate the thought of toys not being played with so I gave him to Tyler Lee today, I think this picture shows that they're already the best of friends!

I think Tyler Lee's personality is shining through these photos I'm taking as part of my project. It'll be amazing to look back at the end of this year and see all his moments, movements, facial expressions and memories from the year gone by.



  1. Aww, cute!!

  2. This is a super cute photo, and new follower here from Oh So Amelias parent networking hop xx

    1. Thank you Debs and thanks so much for following, I really appreciate it! xo


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