Saturday, January 04, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 4 - Fun At the Playground ♥

One of the goals on my Bucket List 2014 is to take my son to the playground every week so today his daddy and I took him there for week one out of fifty-two as the rain has subsided here and the sun was shining. Today's picture was the first picture I took today and I love it, my baby boy was so happy on the bouncy horse and was smiling, laughing and giggling with delight. He also loved the swing, the higher he went the louder he laughed. I love this shot, the look of joy on his face is adorable and he looks so long, he is getting so grown up, I cannot believe that he's one next month. This was a great first trip to the playground this year and I and I bet Tyler Lee too, can't wait for the next visit already.

I'm looking forward to seeing what picture tomorrow brings, this project is so much fun and I love having all these mini photo sessions with my beautiful baby boy.



  1. Such a cute photograph! I took Emilia on the swings for the first time the other day, she loved it! x

    1. Thank you Rebecca! Awh how sweet, it's so great to see them enjoying these things :) xo


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