Thursday, January 30, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 30 - Computer Literate ♥

My baby's new obsession is the laptop. I never thought he would get over his love of chewing on cables but it seems the keys of the laptop are far more exciting, I mean his mammy uses it a lot so it must have some appeal, right? He loves to tap away on the keys and press open the ejector button for the CD-Rom, he finds it simply magical! I wonder what goes through his head when he sees the bright, colourful screen, an array of clickity buttons and then a drawer-like thing that opens by himself, wow! He loves the laptop so much that we had to get him his own for his birthday, an orange plastic one which teaches numbers, letters, lets you play learning games, etc. it came with a clicky mouse and everything! I only hope that he finds his own laptop as amusing because baby, I want my laptop back! Maybe he should start his own blog...!

Tomorrow is the last day of January! One month of this #Porject365 will be complete. One more month of Tyler Lee's life gone by.


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  1. Love this, it would be amazing to know what is going on in his head when he’s looking at a computer, probably what is this crazy toy?!


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