Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 28 - So Easily Distracted ♥

My baby is so easily distracted, he has the attention span of a nat just like his mammy. He never normally sits and plays with toys, he's too interested in chewing on them so today I was surprised when he took a liking to his LeapFrog house and was playing with the little birdie part on it, my favourite part of it also, I love the voices of the birds! However, the minute I turned the television on he dropped the house and stared intently at the screen, not even really interested in what he was watching, just entertained by all the different voices and colours. I'll have to learn not to turn the television on again while he's playing. I really want him to begin playing with his toys and learning some things from them. I guess all these things will come with age and when he decides that he doesn't want to chew on them anymore.


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