Saturday, January 18, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 18 - Playing ♥

Today my baby boy and I met up with Louise who blogs at Tattooed Lady With A Baby and her adorable son Luke, we took the boys to a play area and gave them a bit of baby socialisation. It's great for Tyler Lee to be around a baby boy for once, he's usually surrounded by women! Least to say with it being a Saturday the place was jam packed but the boys still had a bit of fun, their lunches and us mammies had a great chat so what better way is there to spend a Saturday? I got this shot of my boy when he was alone inside a ball pit, only there were no balls in it. He instead enjoyed climbing the walls of the pit, walking along whilst holding onto the walls and crawling around it.

I wonder what adventures tomorrow will bring and what shot I'll get of my handsome baby boy, I love his curly/wavy hair these days, so dapper!


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