Thursday, January 16, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 16 - Puppy Love ♥

My blog seems to be overrun with adorable baby pictures today, apologies for that, bit here's some more cuteness for you all. It's day sixteen of my #Project365 and it#s getting increasingly hard to get a picture of Tyler Lee, when he sees the camera he now whinges, a lot. I hope I haven't put him off the camera for life and the worst thing is it's only day sixteen of my project, I have many more days of tormenting him ahead. I got this shot whilst quickly snapping away while he was lying down with his puppy comforter and I must say I really do love it, I like seeing him so relaxed. He loves his puppy comforter and has begun hugging and chewing on him whenever he can, it's so sweet to see. I like how Tyler Lee has his hand in the air like his puppy, they're in symmetry with each other, best of friends, puppy love.

I like how every picture I take of my babe has a story attached to it. It'll be so lovely looking back on these at the end of the year.


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  1. that photo is adorable! i bet it was be so so lovely reading back all these little memories - every day for a whole year!

    thanks for holding the bloghop hun - found some fab reads from it!

    take care xxxx


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