Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 15 - Pop Up Books ♥

As a parent it's important for me to encourage Tyler Lee to read books as I think the benefit they have for children is amazing. They improve the imagination, taking you to realms you never thought you'd discover, they improve spelling and grammar and generally give you an insight into many different topics in life that can benefit you no end. As a child I used to visit my local library every Saturday afternoon and take out two books, both of which I'd have read by the following Saturday ready to return to library and take out two more books to quench my thirst for reading. I would love my son to have the same passion for literature that I have so I introduced him to books at an early age. He really loves looking at the pretty, colourful pictures and feeling the pages, even better when they are textured! Tyler Lee was sent two books by his aunt and uncle who live in South Africa and one was a pop up book all about trucks. Least to say he loves it! He sees the pop ups as a challenge and is determined, like with most things, to try and eat them. Today's picture is of him enjoying a read in the sunlight and being entertained by all the colourful pop up trucks.

I think he looks so grown up here, my tiny baby is turning into a proper little person with likes/dislikes, favourite things and pastimes he enjoys. It's amazing to see.


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  1. This is a really cute post. I to have encouraged my son from birth to get into stories and reading and so far it has paid off and he is an avid bookworm, I hope it is a passion that stays with him for life x


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