Monday, January 13, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 13 - Sleeping Beauty ♥

This morning I put Tyler Lee down for a nap, he had been rubbing his eyes and was starting to cry longingly for his cot. I put him in his cot to no protest, usually he begins climbing on the bars trying to get out and crawl around on the floor. I left him for two minutes and deciding that he was being far too quiet crept into his room and was greeted by this site, he had his Pure Love Boy Bunny by Natures Purest pulled up by his side again and was lying on his blanket, gripping onto it. I pulled him over him to keep him warm but he wouldn't let go of it, he was obviously too comfortable! I love my little sleeping beauty.

I'm looking forward to seeing what image tomorrow's adventures bring.



  1. Aww he looks so peaceful here. He’s become fond of the bunny!

    1. Oh Nora he loves the bunny, I'm delighted that he's becoming attached to his cuddly toys :)

  2. Tyler Lee definitely is the sweetest little boy I've ever seen!:) xx


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