Monday, January 20, 2014

#Project 365 Picture Number 20 - Bird Watching ♥

My baby boy always looks longingly out the glass doors of the kitchen out into the garden, watching the birds and wishing to explore the great outdoors. Today the sun was shining so I decided to take him outside, even though it was soaking wet out there I decided it'd be nice to let him explore somewhere new and do some bird watching. Today's picture is of Tyler Lee holding onto the wooden ledge in our garden and walking along looking at a bird which had landed on the tree in the back of the garden. He had great fun outside picking up the little stones and scattering them around, looking up at the clouds and watching the birds as they landed in the trees and then flew off. Tyler Lee is definitely the outdoors type, he seems to just love sitting there spying on all the nature and taking in all the fresh air the big wide world has to offer.

Tomorrow will mark three weeks of this project of mine, I wonder what image it'll bring/



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