Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nova Harley - Luxury Range Paris Bag ♥

I was recently given the beautiful Nova Harley Paris bag from their luxury range as a gift and I couldn't help but show it off to you all, it's one of the most stunning changing bags I have ever seen, without actually looking like a changing bag! I fell in love with this bag the moment I saw it, it's gorgeous and the detailing of the cowhide leather really makes the bag. I love the colour of it, it's a tan brown colour which verges on orange and I think it's so pretty. This bag can be used as a hand bag but also comes with a long detachable strap, which I've opted for as it's handy to place over the handles on my buggy and also for carrying on my shoulder when I'm carrying Tyler Lee. 

The inside of this bag is so functional, perfect for someone like myself who isn't very organised and has a tendancy to throw things willard nillard into my bag and then having to dive into it to try and find the likes of my purse or car keys! This bag has a black interior with thirteen picture labelled pockets and zipped sections. As you can see from the picture I have all of Tyler Lee's essentials in their designated pockets and they'll always be put back into the right pocket thanks to the pictures on the sections letting me know where everything should go. There is a pocket to hold nappies, wipes, dummies, medicines, food, clothing, dirty clothing and also a pocket for all of my essentials. The bag also comes with a easy wipe down changing mat and an insulated bottle holder. I wish I had this bag when Tyler Lee was born because I had to carry a bulky insulated bottle holder inside my original changing bag which made it impossible to close. The bag also features some miscellaneous space for any items which you don't usually carry.

What I love about the bag is that even though it has space for everything it is by no means bulky. It looks like a proper handbag and yet has the functionality I need when out and about with Tyler Lee. It has space for all my personal essentials too so I don't need to bring a handbag, lets face it, what person wants to laden down with bags when you're trying to keep a baby entertained? I love my Paris bag and have been using it everyday since I got it. It's a gorgeous piece of arm candy and I'm so happy to have it in my life! I've had so many compliments on it which is fabulous for a changing bag.
You can browse the Paris bag and the other beautiful bags Nova Harley have to offer on their website.

Stay pretty people.



  1. You lucky girl, what a great bag and I love the color :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. It looks perfect for what I'm after! A functional bag for a mum but with a handbag style!

    Michelle x

  3. Gorgeous bag and I love that shade of orange!!


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