Saturday, January 04, 2014

Music To Calm Babies & Make Them Sleep Soundly ♥

Whilst lying in bed last night listening to the faint sounds of soothing music echoing out from the tablet computer in Tyler Lee's bedroom it suddenly hit me that perhaps I should write a blog post about the music which I have found successful in immediately calming him when he is crying or agitated from teething pain and also music which makes him fall into a deep sleep almost instantly ensuring a peaceful nights sleep for both himself and his father and I. When he was a newborn I searched YouTube looking for soothing melodies to make him fall asleep and one that I came across is one that has worked for him ever since. I wanted to share this music just in case there are other parents out there with a non-sleeping newborn or a badly teething baby who are just wishing for a good nights sleep for both their baby and themselves. Hopefully this music can work for your babies too. I highly recommend that if you have a tablet computer like us to leave it in your baby's room at night so that it can play music to them until they drift off to sleep. YouTube is a great resource and creating a play list of music which calms your baby and makes them sleep in a great thing to have as with it being online it's portable wherever you go and saves you having to try and locate the video over and over again.

Firstly we have the song which calms Tyler Lee instantly and keeps him peaceful is Enya's Orinoco Flow. I have compiled a play list on YouTube just for different videos of this song so that it plays on constant to calm him and get him back to sleep if he has woken up from teething pain, which seems to be happening a lot more now as the weeks go on and more teeth keep appearing. Here is the link to Tyler Lee's Music Play list if you'd like to save it to your own YouTube.

Secondly we have Mozart For Babies which is the music I have been playing to him almost every night since he was a newborn and sleeping in his Moses basket beside me. This music is so calming that it makes me fall asleep too. I honestly believe that it was playing him this music that made him sleep through the whole night from the age of six weeks. He sleeps twelve to thirteen hours a night which I think is amazing and I put it all down to this music. Plus I think it's said that Mozart's music helps babies brain development so hopefully it's doing that too. This music works like a charm and I'm so happy I stumbled across it.

Thirdly we have Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker Soundtrack. With Tchaikovsky being my favourite composer I thought that it would be nice to share his wonderful music with Tyler Lee and luckily he liked it and sent him to sleep. Even though Swan Lake has some loud moments it still put him to sleep so I thought it was great. This music is so playful and charming that I like to believe that it sends Tyler Lee off to the most amazing dreams.

Finally we have Riverdance's Interval Act from the Eurovision Song Contest 1994. This is another song which calms Tyler Lee and puts him in a trance like state of peacefulness. I think it's safe to say that he's a fan of Irish/Celtic music which is great as it's quite beautiful and actually quite calming. This song is a personal favourite of mine too so baby has great taste! I love that he likes this as he's part Irish of course!

So there you have it, the four songs and pieces of music which are guaranteed to calm my baby and make him sleep. I hope if you give these a go with your own baby that they work and guarantee you both a great nights sleep. Please do let me know if they worked for you also.

Happy sleeping and sweet dreams!



  1. Oh music was our saviour in Luke's early days! HIs favourite since he was born is a piano version of Pachelbels Canon in D as well as baby Mozart. Its great that music has such an effect in them :) xo

    1. Music is a God send for babies, I love seeing the effect it's had on Tyler Lee :)

  2. It's amazing what effect music can have on babies! We've tried the baby Mozart too, Emilia loves it! She also strangely loves listening to the Port Isaac fisherman's choir! x

    1. It really is, haha does she, babies have very eclectic tastes in music! xo

  3. Completely agree on the Mozart, it calms them down almost instantly! x


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