Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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Recently Tyler Lee and I were very kindly sent the miamoo travel pack to try out and after reading the product descriptions I was really looking forward to using them as part of my baby boy's bathtime routine. miamoo is the brainchild of Saira Khan, a lifelong sufferer of sensitive skin. After trying many different lotions and potions throughout her life Saira decided that there had to be something better out there and hence miamoo was born. miamoo has an ethos which I am a big supporter of, to never use any harsh or nasty chemicals and has a no tear formula, perfect for babies sensitive eyes. miamoo believes that everybody has the right to be happy and comfortable in their own skin and for me it's extremely important that my baby boy is comfortable in his own skin and not suffering with dry, sore skin.

The miamoo travel pack comes in a clear plastic zipped bag which is perfect for easy storage, preventing leaks and for taking the products on your travels. The packaging is super cute, I love the little cow logos and the baby blue labels are very pretty. The pack contains six 30ml products and a wipe down cloth -
Splashy Wash - A refreshing citrus body wash
Fresh Locks - A soothing shampoo for healthy and bouncy locks
Baba Oil - A sensual oil great for babies hair, skin and baby massage
Huggy Lotion - A non-greasy daily moisturising lotion
Spritz and Wipe - A refreshing  multi-use citrus spray packed with minerals
Cheeky Cream - A natural barrier cream

The products are designed to work as part of a three-step baby skincare routine - 1. Exfoliating Wash with Splashy Wash, Fresh Locks and Spritz and Wipe, 2. Moisturise with Huggy Lotion and Cheeky Cream and 3. Massage with Baba Oil. Although it's quite simple I think this is a great and very effective three-step routine as for me it's important to form a skincare routine with my baby boy for him to follow throughout his life. He gets dry skin on his face and legs so following this routine has been great for us to combat that. The products smell gorgeous, not like traditional baby products but I couldn't stop smelling my baby after his bath, he smelt so lovely. Splashy Wash is bursting with lemon oil and aloe vera and the citrus sent is so lovely, the aloe vera is so soothing for his delicate baby skin too. The Fresh Locks shampoo is infused with lavender and geranium and has such a calming scent. After use Tyler Lee's hair was very shiny and his curls looked so bouncy. Tyler Lee actually found the three spray products quite amusing, giggling every time I sprayed him with one so it's great that he was enjoying his skincare routine! The Spritz and Wipe has lime oil and minerals which are great for cleansing the skin and the Baba Oil is the perfect product to massage your baby with before bed as it has lavender and sweet almond oil which has very calming properties, great for making baby drift off into a peaceful sleep. My favourite product by far out of the travel pack is the Huggy Lotion. This is a gorgeous creamy moisturiser with sweet almond oil and marshmallow extract which drys into the skin so quickly and leaves it incredibly soft. The dry skin is now gone of my baby's legs and he is baby soft again. I absolutely love this product, I think I need to invest in the full-sized product. The final product as part of the travel pack is Cheeky Cream which is a natural barrier cream and this actually blends into the skin very well leaving it protected against wetness, dry skin and all the soreness that comes with it. A small amount of this product goes a long way so it's great value.

Tyler enjoying his Splashy Wash Bath.
Tyler with Huggy Lotion on his face.
This travel pack is perfect for parents on the go or for parents who are taking their little one on holiday and don't want to be bringing full-sized products. I loved the scents of the products and how soft they made Tyler Lee's skin. The only issue I have with them is the spray tops. Even though my little one loved the spray motion falling on his skin I think this only spurred his curiosity of the products and as you can see this made him put it in his mouth (he does this with everything!). I worry that the spray top will fall off and be a choking hazard. I'll have to watch my curious baby with these products but overall I'm very impressed with them and shall definitely be investing in the Huggy Lotion.

The miamoo travel pack is  £15.00 and is available from the miamoo website. miamoo have very kindly offered my readers a 10% discount on their full-sized products using the code Blog13 at the checkout.



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