Friday, January 10, 2014

Baby Boy's 1st Birthday Planning ♥

With less than two months to go until Tyler Lee's first birthday I've begun planning his birthday party and the activities which we'll do for his birthday weekend. His first birthday falls on a Sunday, a great day as all of our family and friends will be off work and able to join us in our celebrations, we don't have a big family and my fiance's family are back in South Africa but still, it'll be lovely to have them all there.

I have settled on a theme for his party which shall be revealed in my post on his first birthday. I've already picked up one gorgeous outfit for him from Next, which you can see below. I've gotten him some smart trousers with grey coloured upturned ends and navy and light beige braces with stars, I love to put anything with stars on it on Tyler Lee. I also picked up two tops for him to wear as knowing my little rascal he'll have his top covered in food and dribble in a second! One is long sleeved and says 'I love my mummy lots & lots' and the other is a navy and white striped t-shirt which says 'Daddy's super star'. To match both of these I got a navy cardigan and some gorgeous grey and navy star design shoes which have fleece lining, perfect for keeping his feet warm. I have also ordered another outfit online which has been personalised to include Tyler Lee's name and the colour scheme of his birthday party decorations, I just hope it arrives on time as it needs to be made and travel to Ireland from America. I've also ordered a special hat for him to wear from a seller on Etsy, I can't wait to see it, he shall be wearing it in his birthday pictures, we'll be having a little photo session and hopefully will end up with pictures similar to one of the ones below from Pinterest. I've also ordered an adorable babygrow from Helen Gordon for him to wear to bed the night before his birthday so that when he wakes up and opens his gifts his pyjamas will also match the theme of his party - as you can see I've thought about this a lot! I've ordered his birthday cake and cupcakes from a cake maker in my local area, which I got the inspiration for from a mixture of two different cake pictures on Pinterest. Pinterest is such a great source of inspiration for me these days, it actually makes me want to improve everything about my life, the pictures on there are so beautiful! I've also ordered a special decoration from Chloris Boris to place on the wall behind where his birthday cake will be, the great thing about this decoration is that it's something which can be placed in his bedroom afterwards so it's not something that will be used just once.

As you can see I've done rather a lot of organisation for his birthday already. All that's left to do is decide what we shall do as a family on the day before his birthday and also what gifts to get him. I'm thinking some books, clothes and toys, especially a baby laptop or phone toy if I can get them because he is obsessed with mine but unfortunately he's already broken one of my phone's by putting it in his mouth so I can't afford for him to do it to another! Below are some pictures I've pinned on Pinterest for his birthday party to give me some ideas. These pictures don't fit into his theme but I'll be adapting them to make them work into it. I really can't wait for this big milestone in my baby boy's life. I want it to be a magical day, full of surprises, love and happiness for him.
I have a few more things to get organised and hopefully I'll have it all done by the first week of February. I need to source some more decorations and decide on what food his daddy and I shall be preparing for the party. I want this day to be truly special for my little prince and one for him to look back on when he's older through pictures and see how much fun he had on his first ever birthday.



  1. Aww, he is gorgeous and so too are those fab looking clothes! Baby clothes are too cute! x

  2. He's such a lucky boy to have a Mam who will go to so much effort to make lovely memories for him, I hope it's a wonderful day x

    1. Awh thank you Sharon, you're gonna make me cry! xo

  3. Looks lovely!
    Gorgeous pictures of him ! X

  4. A 1st. birthday is always extra special :-). Love the clothes...when my son (now 14!) was little, I used to go to Next on Stephen's Day and stock up on nice outfits for him. Ah...dem was da days...! :-) Enjoy!


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