Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lime Crime - Aquataenia Fantasy Palette ♥

Hello dollies! I'm back after taking a short hiatus from blogging. I was busy with Tyler Lee and having my St. Patrick's Day celebrations, I needed to get out into the real world again and not just socialise on the cyber sphere! I'm back and pleased to share that my stunning new Lime Crime Aquataenia Fantasy Palette arrived today from Australia. I had wanted to buy this palette from the official Lime Crime website but I could not justify spending the cost of the shipping price - I think my order came to sixty something euro or thereabouts, ridiculous money, so I resorted to Ebay. I was so happy to finally get this as I had seen amazing makeup looks done using this palette on various blogs, I can't wait to give a fantasy inspired look a go for myself later on this week so keep an eye out for that.

The palette comes in a gold coloured box casing in a postal inspired theme - tying in with another one of my passions in life, the post!

I am in love with the Lime Crime packaging, it's so pretty with the deep purple, gold embellishment and unicorn mascot. The palette itself is made from metal tin which is great as it's so durable and gives an extra special feeling to the product.

What I love about Lime Crime is that the products are all vegan and not tested on animals. I am becoming more conscious of this aspect on products that I choose to buy and use so I'm delighted that Lime Crime have taken the initiative to be free from animal cruelty, this makes me love the brand even more. The fantasy palettes all contain five eye shadows and the Aquataenia shadows measure to 1.5 grams. From swatching I've realised that a little bit of these eye shadows go a long way so I predict that this palette shall last me a long time.

As you can see from the swatches these eye shadows are highly pigmented and have a fabulous shimmer, the effect reminds me of sunlight hitting off water, very fitting for a water inspired palette right?!

The eye shadow colours from left to right -
 ♥ Seahourse Discourse
 ♥ Nautillus Prime
 ♥ Coral of the Story
 ♥ Pearl-Ple
 ♥ Atlanteal
I think the shadow names are so inventive! I love the water theme.

Next I'd love to buy the Lime Crime lipstick in 'Geradium' and the Palette D'Antoinette, another from the fantasy range. Both items are sadly sold out at the moment but I hope they'll be back in stock soon.

Have you ever tried Lime Crime products? Are you a fan?

Stay pretty people!

 *All pictures are my own, do not use without prior permission*


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nails Of The Day - Ciaté Velvet Manicure ♥

Hello dollies! I received another birthday gift today, this time from my wonderful friend Marion from France. She went to Sephora and picked me up Ciaté's Velvet Manicure. I loved the colour of this polish and the effect which the velvet textured powder gave to my nails when first applied. However, I found after awhile the effect because quite ragged looking and every bit of fluff from clothing, etc stuck to the surface of my nails, not very practical or attractive! Also, when applying the velvet textured powder to my nails the dispenser kept on getting clogged and in the end I had to remove the top of the container, Marion also reported this problem. Overall I love the colour of the nail polish so I think I'll wear it again but this time without the velvet effect. I know I'm defeating the purpose of this product by doing that but c'est la vie! Here are the results of my velvet manicure, let me know what you think.

Stay pretty people!


Friday, March 29, 2013

LUSH - 'Space Girl' Bath Bomb ♥

Hello dollies! For my 23rd birthday my fiance Jacek took me to Cork City for a spot of shopping. We went to a shop which we rarely get a chance to go to but one I love to go to and see the new products they have to offer, this shop is LUSH. I had wanted to get Jacek a bath bomb to relax after work but he ended up getting me one instead, Space Girl. He picked this one out for me as the glitter captured his eye. I had a bath with this last night and was so relaxed after it that I actually fell asleep in the bath! The bath bomb itself is a lilac colour with glitter sprinkled throughout. I can't say exactly what the scent of the bath bomb is but it's so calming. A great feature to this bath bomb is that it contains popping candy so it pops in the water and you can actually here it crackling, cool right? The bath bomb fizzed up and turned the bath water a light purple colour but I was disappointed that it didn't have any bubbly loveliness as I tend to be a bubble addict when having a bath or shower, the more the better in my opinion! I'm looking forward to trying out more bath bombs from what LUSH have to offer soon as I was relaxed after this one so it definitely did its job.

Stay pretty people and have a relaxing bath!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Favourites From My Jewellery Collection ♥

 I have been a jewellery addict from a young age. Ever since I got my ears pierced when I was six I have bought an item of jewellery almost on a weekly basis. I received my first ever jewellery box at the age of seven, one of the music box ones with the twirling ballerina and have been in love with ornamenting myself with gorgeous jewels and gems ever since. I wanted to show you some of my favourites from my collection as I love to see what things other people collect and jewellery is one of my collection must haves. What I love about my collection is that I remember who I received each piece from some each piece is very dear to me as it has a story and a memory of the person who gave it to me. The bad thing about having such a large collection is that I hardly get to wear some of the beautiful pieces I have and it's such a shame as they are left sitting in my jewellery boxes and not being shown off. You will have noticed that I have had a lot of jewellery inspired posts on the blog lately, I simply cannot get enough of sharing pretty pieces with you all.

 I received this piece from my lovely pen pal Bee. I love the pearl like feature on the chain and the two birds with the flower, I think it's so sweet.

 I bought this necklace myself as I loved the charms on it. I collect anything to do with angels and am a bit of a hippy at heart so the peace sign and angel wing suit me perfectly.

 I found this antique hair clip in my house one day. I don't know who owned it but judging that my house is over 200 years old it could have been a lot of peoples! Two of the gems are missing but I still love this piece, I think it's so pretty.

I received this Newbridge Silverware necklace for my 21st birthday from my Auntie Kay. Twenty-one represents 'key to the door' hence the key charm on this. I think it is so sweet with the gem heart also.

 I received this gorgeous Forever21 rose and pearl necklace from my lovely pen pal Mikaila. I love the romantic feel to the piece.

 This is my engagement ring, it's made from white gold, sapphire and diamonds. My fiance Jacek said he picked this one for me as the blue from the sapphire matched the colour of my eyes, sweet right?

 I bought this piece from an online store called Ji Ki Ki. I bought this as I am a complete snail mail addict and love anything post related. The address on this is so adorable. I've never actually worn this piece as the chain on the necklace is too short for my liking but I really do love the envelope motif.

 I bought this charm bracelet in Penneys or Primark for European readers about two summers ago. I thought the charms were really cute. Russia is one of my favourite countries so the babushka charm reminded me of that and also I love anything Parisian inspired so the Eiffel Tower charm and the word Paris fitted that theme completely.

I received this beautiful bracelet from an old pen pal of mine named Sarka. I love the baby blue colour of the ribbon entwined with the gold coloured links. The charms are also really sweet.

If you have shared some of your favourite jewellery pieces on your blog please link the post to me in the comments section, I would love to take a peek.

Stay pretty people and decorate yourself with stunning jewels!

*All pictures belong to me, do not use without permission*

What's In My Makeup Bag? ♥

Hello dollies! If you are re-following my blog I want to say a huge thank you to you, I appreciate it so much. I can't believe I've had to begin all over again but hey, there are worse things in life - always look on the bright side of things, right? So anyway, I was able to download the entire contents of my old blog so I decided why not re-publish my older posts that maybe my newest followers didn't get to see? This will give me a change to write new posts while tweaking some things on the new blog. Wish me luck in getting as far as I did with the last one!
I wanted to show you all what is in my everyday makeup bag and explain why I use/love these products so here you go! This is my first YouTube video and I noticed that I say 'em' a lot when speaking so please forgive me for that! Please watch the video below, comment and subscribe if you wish to. Thank you lovely people!

Items featured as part of my everyday makeup bag are:

MAC Strobe Cream
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC25
Essence Big Lashes mascara
MAC Mineralize powder in Light Medium
MAC Amplifier lipstick in Up the Amp
MAC limited edition mineralize eyeshadow in Smutty Green
Labello Angel Star balm
Too Faced double Lip Injection gloss


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chanel - 'L'Exuberante' Lipstick ♥

One of my favourite lipsticks from the luxury end of the spectrum is the gorgeous 'Rouge Allure Velvet' by Chanel in a gorgeously pink shade called 'L'Exuberante', yes I know, so very ooh la la. I wore this lipstick for the first time today and I have fallen completely head over heels in love with it. When applied the lipstick has a velvety soft texture on the lips, it just oozes luxury. The colour really makes lips look juicy and pout perfect. The 'L'Exuberante' shade is fabulously feminine, truly one for the girlie girls. A great feature to this lipstick is the 'click in, click out' stick, it makes sure that you'll never accidentally smudge the top of your lipstick into it's lid. It actually reminded me of a James Bond type gadget but for the ladies. I absolutely love it. The lipstick gives a great moisturising effect to the lips also, perfect for the harsh winter months. I think this particular hue can be worn all year round as it would look equally good on tanned skin as it does pale skin. As you can see from the pictures the lipstick really enhanced my lips. I shall definitely be investing in this lipstick again as soon as it's gone. I know it's quite pricey at €25.00 but it so worth it. This has to be one of my favourite luxury cosmetic items of all time, I can't stop applying it, it just feels and looks amazing! I would fully recommend this lipstick to anyone.

 photo Chanel2_zps6564d574.jpg
 photo Chanel1_zps918dd01f.jpg

Stay pretty people!


Pretty Storage Solutions ♥

These days I have far too much makeup for my own good. I had previously kept it in individual bags, one for lipsticks, one for eye shadows, etc, but recently I've found that my cupboard is so messy with makeup items strewn everywhere making it both difficult and annoying to find a certain item when I need it. I went on the hunt for a solution and found these beautiful boxes. I love anything that comes with a Parisian or postal theme so it's safe to say that these boxes were 'made for me'. Aren't they pretty?

This larger box is decorated with beautiful Parisian motifs and flowers. The inside of the box is an old map of Paris. I shall be using this box to store my makeup palettes, eye liners, mascaras, foundations, primers, eye shadows and blushers for everyday use. This box was only €7 from Dunnes.

I love this heart shaped tin box. I toyed with the idea of using this for jewellery but I'm going to store my lipsticks in it so they're all in one place and not in different bags or in the bottom of my handbags! This box was only €5, also from Dunnes. This box was available in different sizes and colours but the blue really caught my eye.

I've already began putting my makeup in the large box and it's so much more convieniant than rummaging around the cupboard looking for something I need. I think I'll be heading back to Dunnes and investing in more of these boxes, they're such great space savers and so pretty. I just love them!

Stay pretty people!

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