Monday, December 09, 2013

Winter Woodland Walking ♥

My little baby elf and I needed some fresh air to blow the cobwebs away so I decided to take him out to Marloag Woods, a place which I was often taken as a child. We were the only people out there and it was great to be outdoors with my little one, enjoying the sounds and scenery of the nature around us, my son was particularly amused by the birds singing and twitterings, laughing every time he heard them. The sun was streaming through the trees which led to the water below, the woods being on an island. Leaves were falling, swirling down around us and the ground was strewn with all the discarded shades of autumn, winter not yet having arrived properly in Ireland but not being too far away from making it's arrival. It's surprisingly mild here for December, it reminds me of winters a long time ago now... It was so good to get out and walk with my baby boy, I love having him close to me in his baby carrier and he holds my hand as we walk along, this boy owns my heart and my God does he know it! There's nothing better than having a long walk, clearing your mind and just enjoying the scenery around you, it's all made even better when you have someone you love to keep you company. I love my little baby's face when he looks up to the tall towering trees and sees all of natures sights surrounding him, he's absolutely mesmerised by it all. I truly believe that he's going to be one of those outdoors types, a little boy who'll love to put on his wellies, run around in mud, jump in piles of leaves and have teddy bear's picnics in the woods with his mammy. It's amazing to watch a baby being totally in awe of all the wonder of the world around them, I hope my baby boy never looses this interest in the world and it's beautiful nature. I can't wait for all our walks when he's holding my hand and walking along beside me, until then he'll be carried in his baby carrier, sitting close to my chest in perfect reach for cuddles and kisses on his little head as we walk along.

 Stay pretty people!



  1. Wow, what a beautiful place, the light is gorgeous in your pictures. You have a gorgeous baby boy - I love his hat! X

  2. Love the top photo of ye together :). So sweet

  3. Your baby is so beautiful! And he has your blue eyes!:)


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