Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tyler Lee's Christmas Eve Basket ♥

If you didn't know, my family is tri-national, I am of course Irish and my fiance is Polish/South African so when important times of year such as Christmas come along we try to merge both our traditions to make a fun and traditional type Christmas for us all. This year it is our baby boy's first Christmas and I we want to instill traditions which will be in our family forever. Christmas Eve is an important time in Polish tradition, we will have a nice meal and I will give my fiance his presents and we also want our son to embrace his Polish culture so we have prepared a Christmas Eve basket for him, something which we shall do every Christmas. Tyler Lee will be just over ten months old this Christmas and even though he will be too young to understand it all I still want him to be included in our traditions, hence the Christmas Eve basket! I think this is such a lovely idea and it can be done for someone of any age and for any budget too. I decorated the basket with blue and gold ribbon just to add to the overall look of it. When Tyler Lee is older we'll tell him that the three wise men gifted this basket to him just to make the whole thing much more magical and to encorporate our religion into it all. I can't wait for all the Christmases we'll have with our baby boy, seeing him be excited about all our Christmas traditions, the twinkling lights, the festive decor, the excitement of waiting for Santa's arrival and the anticipation of getting his Christmas Eve basket every year, he'll have so many things to look forward to each year and so many wonderful Christmas memories from it all. 
 Inside Tyler Lee's first ever Christmas basket are -
The Night Before Christmas book
The Nativity book - after all Christmas is all about baby Jesus and I want him to know this
A reindeer hand puppet
Peter Rabbit soft toy
White chocolate buttons
Mickey Mouse Christmas pyjamas

As a child, my brother and I got new pyjamas every Christmas which we always wore on Christmas Eve, as you can see I'm including new pyjamas in Tyler Lee's basket to begin this tradition with him also. When he's older Christmas DVDs, games and other books shall be included in his Christmas Eve basket and I may even do themed ones in the future, the possibilites are endless!



  1. That is such a lovely idea :) ..i'm a stickler for treasure baskets for children anyhow but what a festive way of doing it! I love tradition and we usually open one present christmas eve x What a lovely idea :)

    1. Thank you Hannah! The tradition of it all is great, I'll be doing this every Christmas :) xo

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they cute? They're from a two pack of Mickey Mouse pj's from Tesco :) xo

  3. I just love the Usborne Nativity book, we've had ours a few years, it's so sweet.

    1. Thanks for reading Sinead. It is so sweet, we're glad to have it and read it to him :)


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