Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Tyler Lee's Christmas Card Pictures ♥

I wanted to share with you all the pictures I took to place on Tyler Lee's Christmas cards. As this is his first Christmas ever I want everything to be that extra bit special and more personal than our previous Christmases would have been. I think these pictures will serve as a fantastic reminder of just how small and adorable he was, all dressed up in his little Santa suit and red and white knitwear for his first ever festive season. I also think that this will be the beginning of a new Christmas tradition, a portrait of Tyler Lee and any future siblings of his every Christmas time, until they become camera shy and no longer let me capture them on camera! I'm delighted with how his pictures came out, especially the first, it was just a chance shot and I think it came out beautifully, the best pictures are always the ones that aren't staged aren't they? I hope you enjoy my little angel in all his festive cheer!

On baby's first Christmas
There's a beautiful tree
With many bright colours
For baby to see
Along baby's crib
Bells that jingle are strung
And close by the chimney
Baby's stocking is hung
On baby's first Christmas
There's wonderful joy
In giving to baby
That first special toy
A ball or a rattle,
A soft teddy bear
That baby will cuddle
And take everywhere

Stay pretty people!



  1. I just died! I would have never let such a cute santa leave my home :) ADORABLE!

  2. This is adorable! I need to do this for vinny x


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