Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Irish Fairy Door Company ♥

Do you believe in fairies? If so this post is definitely one you should take note of! Did you know that you can have your own little fairy living in your home or garden, even both if you're really looking to bring some fairy magic into your living space! Thanks to the Irish Fairy Door Company Tyler Lee now has his own little fairy living in his nursery and I can't wait to see all the wonder and amazement his little fairy friend brings to him as he grows older. Tyler Lee's fairy is a cheeky chappy with the name Mossie Grass. Mossie lives behind the blue bunting on Tyler Lee's bookshelf, I'm sure Mossie likes to peek behind the bunting while Tyler Lee plays in his room or is sleeping just to make sure baby boy is okay! Mossie's wooden door is red and arched with a daisy wreath and a little pearl-like knob, it's quite pretty! His door came with it's own little silver key in a little glass jar which we keep by his door just incase he ever locks himself out! Mossie even has his own lucky green fairy dust jar and his fairy girlfriend Flora Petals waiting outside his door for him, his whole set up is quite charming! As Tyler Lee grows improvements will be made to Mossie's living conditions, we shall be ordering him some stepping stones, a magic tree to live under and a washing line full of little fairy clothes which he can wear, wash and hang back out on the line. 

I wish I had had a fairy living in my room when I was younger, I would have loved it and I hope Tyler Lee will become enchanted by the magic of it all. Having a little fairy friend in your home is a great way to enhance a child's imagination and it's always lovely to have something to believe in, right?! I shall be encouraging Tyler Lee to draw pictures and write little notes and questions about fairy life to Mossie and hope Mossie will leave responses in Tyler Lee's room for him to find, it'll be so lovely to see the joy and awe in his face when he sees that his little fairy friend has replied to him. Whe Tyler Lee is older we will go and visit Mossie's fairy cousins in the fairy forts which are on the island by our house.

The quality and attention to detail of the Irish Fairy Door Company's products is fantastic and the magic they bring into a child's life is priceless. I highly recommend bringing a fairy into your home, the experience they will bring to your children is a reward in itself and the little fairy door and all its accessories are such pretty little things to add to your home or garden.

 You can find Mossie's particular fairy door and browse through the Irish Fairy Door Company's other wonderful products on the Irish Fairy Door Company's website. You can also find them on Facebook.

Believe in the magic!



  1. What a cute idea! When my little girl is a bit older, this would make a gorgeous present!

    1. Oh it really would, it's such a sweet thing for a child to have in their life xo

  2. Very, very cool idea - what a great way to encourage imaginative play! I hadn't seen these indoor ones, brilliant idea. I've seen gorgeous outdoor ones on Pinterest, I wish I'd had something like this when I was little - my sister used to have imaginary creatures living in a tiny hole in the kitchen floor!! x

    1. I know Sharon, we're all about imaginative play in our house! Haha how funny, wonder if the creatures still live in the hole in the kitchen floor ;)


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