Friday, December 06, 2013

Lara Jill - Mariposa Baby Bag ♥

I must admit when my son was born I didn't even think about a changing bag, I was happy with my Silvercross one, it matched my pram and buggy, it was navy so it was perfect for the mother of a baby boy and it was most importantly functional, however, as time went on and I saw other mothers with stunning changing bags which acted as a carrier of everything a baby needs as well as a fashionable accessory I knew I needed something prettier to tote around with my son and I wherever we went. I stumbled across Lara Jill Bags website and instantly fell in love with their Mariposa Baby Bag, as a lady with a penchant for both butterflies and polkadots it really caught my eye! When my bag arrived I loved it even more. 

The oilcloth material gave the bag a beautiful glossy finish and also makes it water resistant and easy to wipe down, an essential for us as we've had more than one spillage mishap with our previous changing bag resulting in a long and extensive sponge clean. The oilcloth material also means that this bag has fantastic durability, perfect as it's a bag which gets used everyday. This bag comes complete with a butterfly designed changing mat, also in oilcloth material and it folds up to fit in the bag quite nicely. The bag has many pockets and compartments to store whatever you or your baby may need when out and about, it has two bottle holder pockets on the sides, a zipped pocket on the front and back, little pockets inside to store things and lots of space left over for everything else you may need. This bag is so spacious, I can fit everything I need such as nappies, bottles, formula containers, spoons, wipes, dummies and still have room for a blanket and my son's coat, it's amazing and the best thing is it doesn't feel or look bulky at all. The bag is very practical as the front and back pockets can store whatever mum needs, this is great for me as I never carry a handbag anymore, I just put my phone, purse and keys into the changing bag, it's easier to have everything in one place! The adjustable, detachable strap means that I can fit it quite nicely over the handles of my buggy, which I can tell you is quite large as it is an all in one handle. 

 I love my Mariposa changing bag and have gotten so many compliments on it. It's a bag which shall stay with me throughout all my baby stages. I would recommend this changing bag to any expecting mother and also to anyone who is looking for a gorgeous gift for an expecting friend. Lara Jill have so many stunning bags on offer, not only changing bags but everyday handbags, beach bags, etc. All of their bags have such beautiful and stand out designs. The Mariposa Changing Bag is now on offer for £29.99 reduced from
£34.99, a bargain price for such a beautiful and fuctional bag. You can find the Mariposa Changing Bag and browse through the other beautiful bags Lara Jill have to offer on the Lara Jill website.
£You can find the Mariposa Changing Bag and browse other bags in the Lara Jill range on the Lara Jill website.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading! I highly recommend the bag :)

  2. Your changing bag is so stylish, I would have loved a bag like that when my LO was younger! Love the fact that it is oilcloth too makes it so much handier for cleaning. x

    1. Thank you! Oilcloth is great for all the spillages and easy cleaning, I love it :)

  3. I love the print on there. I feel like I've seen it before, maybe as a child? It makes me feel wistfully happy to see it!! Like a memory just out of reach that I know is there. I wonder where I've seen it? In any case, it's a great bag. I'm visiting today from Fun Friday. :)


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