Thursday, December 19, 2013

Eye Of Horus - Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil ♥

I recently got my hands on Australian brand Eye Of Horus Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil, a black kohl eye pencil which is a joy to use and gives a dramatic look to any eye makeup. Firstly, I love the packaging of Eye Of Horus products, classic black with Egyptian elements, it has quite a luxurious feel to it, in fact, the makeup is based on ancient Egyptian formulas and ingredients, pretty cool right?! This eye pencil is so easy to apply, it literally glides onto the eye area, not pulling on the eyelid and creates clean lines, perfect for someone like me who has shaky hands which equal to lots of dreaded eyeliner mistakes! This eye pencil is long lasting, waterproof and has a lovely smooth application. This is the perfect eye pencil to create a dramatic smokey eye look, the colour is an intense black and really accentuates the eyes. The pencil also has another end which has a sponge tip, perfect for blending the eye pencil or smudging it to create whatever your desired look may be. I went for a smokey eye look and framed my eye with the Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil, you can see in the pictures how clean and smooth the line is on my eyelid, this never happens to me, I always make a mistake so this just proves how easy the pencil is to use. The Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil is now a firm favourite in my everyday makeup bag and I truly am delighted with it. I'm now really intrigued to try some more products from the Eye Of Horus range.

Shadows used -
GOSH palette
MUA 'Undressed' palette
Rimmel 'Enchanted'
MAC 'Young Punk'

You can read more about the Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil and browse through other Eye Of Horus products on the Eye Of Horus website.

Stay pretty people!



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