Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Devil's Food Cake With A Twist ♥

Today I made this sinful Devil's Food Cake, an incredibly soft chocolate sponge layered with creamy vanilla icing, smothered in chocolate fudge icing and topped with an array of Christmas themed sprinkles and cute little sugared snowmen. I also wrote 'Merry Christmas' on the cake in red icing but having never done this before I'm not happy with how that turned out, I need more practise! I tasted the sponge and it is surprisingly light for a chocolate sponge, it melts in the mouth, it is delicious. Devil's Food Cake is usually layered with chocolate fudge icing so the twist in my cake is that I used vanilla, I thought the colour would be great to represent snow - hey, it's Christmas! I then cut the top sponge smaller than the bottom one to create a tiered effect and to show off the vanilla icing. I covered the top sponge with chocolate fudge icing and sprinkled it with snow-like white sprinkles. I sprinkled the outer edge of the cake with red sprinkles and arranged the adorable snowmen in the middle of the cake, I then sprinkled silver ball sprinkles all over the cake to add a bit of Christmas sparkle. I then sprayed silver shimmer spray around the outside of the cake. I don't think the cake is perfect but it was made from the heart and is truly mouth-watering so where presentation is left to be desired taste definitely makes up for it!
Next week I shall be baking Christmas cupcakes! I think I shall do red velvet with a creative topping but I'll see what I fancy next week.

Stay pretty people!



  1. I'm sure it was very good because it looks yummy♥!

    1. Thank you, it was so yummy, I didn't want to share ;) xo


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