Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baba + Boo - Cloth Nappies ♥

I recently decided to convert to cloth nappies, not only to be more economical but because I hate the fact that my son has been wearing a nappy since five minutes after he was born, to have the material of a disposable nappy on his skin since birth must be terrible for him, the thought of it actually makes me shudder. I was recently sent two cloth nappies to try out from Baba + Boo and I must say from the moment I opened my package I was super impressed with the look, feel and quality of these cloth nappies. We were sent the Humbug, a stylish black and white striped nappy and Bongo Bat, a silver/grey nappy with a cute little bat pattern, both nappies are totally reusable. The inside of the nappy is very soft and I think it must feel far better on his skin. The outside of the nappies are decorated with funky and vibrant designs, I especially love the Bongo Bat nappy which we have. The inserts of the nappies are so easy to fit, you simply stuff them into a pocket at the back of the nappy, making sure that they lay flat and it's as simple as that. These inserts are thick and give great absorption throughout the day, making sure that your little one doesn't feel wet against their skin. These nappies are so easy to fit and close too, they adjust to three different weight sizes and can even be worn on newborns, fantastic as I will definitely be using cloth nappies from birth for my next baby. Baba + Boo's cloth nappies are so reasonably priced, just £9.95 per nappy, I think that's such a bargain price for a product with such longevity! Baba + Boo also do nappy bundles and starter kits also at fantastic prices and I shall soon be investing in their bundle of ten cloth nappies. 

I love the fact that my bathroom bin will no longer be filled with dirty nappies and need emptying twice a day, I love how economical these cloth nappies are and they are so durable meaning that I'll be able to not only save money but also use them on my future children. Baba+Boo's cloth nappies also fit perfectly under little baby clothes, they aren't bulky at all which I was quite surprised by at they give great protection from wetness with the thick insert inside. We've been using these cloth nappies everyday and have been finding the transition from disposable from disposable to cloth so easy. These nappies are so easy to wash and are quick drying due to the material on the inside of the nappy. We're now cloth nappy converts and proud! I only wish we had used cloth nappies from the beginning of our parenting adventure but it's never too late to start and I'm so glad that we have.

  You can find the Humbug and Bongo Bat cloth nappies on the Baba+Boo website as well as other adorable and fun designs in their cloth nappies range and other fantastic baby products they have to offer. You can also find Baba+Boo on Facebook and Twitter.



  1. Those little bat nappies are adorable!

    1. Yeah they're great! I love our Bongo Bat! :) xo


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