Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tyler Lee - 9 Months Old ♥

My baby boy is nine months old today! I actually can't believe it, I know it's such a cliche to say but it feels as though I just had him yesterday. He really is no longer my tiny baby and seems to get more and more independent as the days go by. He no longer wants me to give him his bottle, he wants to hold it himself, he grabs the spoon out of my hand as I feed him and he no longer wants to quietly sit on my lap, he's mad for road and shuffles along the ground on his tummy like a little turtle learning how to swim. He gets up on his knees in crawling position but doesn't know what to do yet and cries, I'm sure he'll work it out soon. He now has two adorable baby teeth in the middle of his bottom gum, we're awaiting the arrival of some more sweet little baby toothins soon. I can see at this age that Tyler Lee is really developing his personality. He is so friendly and smiles at strangers when they speak to him, I'm so surprised, I thought he would cry in their face! He likes to play, a lot and loves nothing better than bouncing up and down and playing see-saw. He rocks back and forth himself when I sing the see-saw song, he's just too cute! Him and I have had our first little holiday together and he's seen almost as much of Ireland in these nine months that I've seen in twenty-three years! He's been to Clare, Kildare, Wexford, Waterford and Cork, been to many historical sites and castles, hopefully he'll travel to lots of weird and wonderful places throughout his life! It makes me quite sad to know that my little baby will be a one year old in three months time and judging by how quickly the days go by when you're a parent I just know that won't be long coming. I think I may cry on his birthday, how terrible is that?! Each day with my little angel is so precious and I feel blessed to have him everyday. Being his mother is such a magical adventure and getting to know my little boys quirks, personality, likes and dislikes has been so much fun. I know he won't be my baby forever but I'm looking forward to the milestones and memories we'll go through and have together. As I always say he'll always be my little baby, even when he's an old man I'll always remember these precious early months of his life.

All About Tyler Lee At 9 Months -

Weight - 19.5lbs
Height - 72cm
Hair - Blonde and wavy.
Teeth - 2 on middle bottom gum.
Clothes Size - 6-9 months
Nappy Size - 4+
Favourite Food - Porridge, any flavour!
Sleeping Time - 2 or 3 naps a day, sleeps 12 -13 hours a night.
Loves - Going for spins in the car, playing see-saw, having a bath or "splash splash", going on a swing.
Hates - Being dressed.

Our next big occasion together is Tyler Lee's first Christmas and I really can't wait, he'll be ten months old by then and hopefully the day will be filled with happy and wonderful memories.



  1. He’s beautiful! Very like his mammy!

  2. Cute little boy!)
    Happy nine month Birthday, Tyler Lee!)

  3. Lovely photos. Can imagine your excitement at Xmas. I remember my first one with my eldest. I woke at the dawn and it was the only morning ever I remember her sleeping in. In the end I made loads of noise and surprise, she woke.

  4. Cute teeth! He is soooo adorable! ;)


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