Friday, November 22, 2013

Pretty Post #19 ♥

I haven't featured 'Pretty Post' on my blog for awhile, due to unforeseen drama my snail mailing mojo was quashed and I didn't write any letters for such a long time. I thought that my passion for my once favourite hobby would never come back but having cleared out my pals list, gotten rid of the bad eggs and focusing on the wonderful, true pals that I am fortunate enough to have in my life my joy for writing increases by the week. During the week I wrote five letters, I am slowly catching up on the pile of letters that accumulated in my absense from writing. I began sending out my Christmas cards during the week also, I want to make sure all my pals have a card from me before Christmas and as the post begins to get cuckoo bananas at this time of year it's best to get everything sent out early. I received two lovely pieces of post this week, bar things for the blog, from two wonderful ladies in the US. One of my dearest pals Ella sent my boys and I a fabulous Christmas package with little Batman pyjamas and a zombie hoodie for Tyler Lee, biscuits and chocolates for us all to enjoy, jelly beans for Jacek and makeup and socks for me, this girl is always sending me socks and good thing as my socks seem to be disappearing in the wash! Isn't she so thoughtful? What an absolute doll!

The second piece of post I received was my second letter and my first Christmas card of the season from a lovely lady named Lisa. Isn't her writing just beautiful? Such a work of art and I thought that my writing was gorgeous, hers is much more stunning than mine! Lisa also used the US Christmas stamp and it was great to see, I love all the Christmas stamps that different country release this time of year. Now I must get to replying to these great pals of mine!
Are you a fan of snail mail? Do you write letters?


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