Monday, November 11, 2013

Pixy Natural - Rainbow Bears With Bath Bomb ♥

Today I wanted to share with you all some more magical, natural loveliness courtesy of one of my favourite Irish brands Pixy Natural. Pixy Natural recently launched their adorable range of rainbow bears and these little cuties are available in six bright colours, each bear hugging a divine smelling, large bath bomb whose contents correspond to the colour of it's individual bear. Each Pixy Natural Rainbow Bear comes simply wrapped in cellophane packaging, tied with a silver coloured string ribbon, a sweet little gift for someone special to you for Christmas, birthdays and general thank yous.

I was delighted to receive the Limelight bath bomb, my favourite from the mini Pixy Natural bath bombs I had previously tried.  These Rainbow Bear toting bath bombs now come with a new luxurious formula of moisturising honey and orris root powders which are a real treat for the skin. My particular Limelight bath bomb is a zingy, revitalising bomb infused with grapefruit and lime fragrances and sprinkled with glittery mica which explode in the bath to create an inviting atmosphere which is sure to relax you and wash away the strains of the day. I loved my relaxing bath with this, it was such a treat and the aromas of the bath bomb which filled up the bathroom were gorgeous, the scent lasted for ages afterwards too, I was in love with the sweet smell that filled up the room. After using this in my bath my skin was soft and supple, the honey and orris root powders had worked to leave my skin looking and feeling great.

 Pixy Natural's other Rainbow Bears are - yellow with a honey bath bomb, red, with another one of my favourites, tutti fruity bath bomb, orange with a citrus bath bomb, purple with a lavender bath bomb and pink with a strawberry bath bomb, as you can see there's something for everyone no matter what their mood may be. This is such a sweet little product, not only does your skin get a delightful treat from it all while you relax in a nice, hot bath but you're also left with a sweet little bear to remember your enjoyment by.

Pixy Natural's Rainbow Bears are €9.95 and are available from the Pixy Natural website and various stockists nationwide.


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