Tuesday, November 19, 2013

L'Oreal True Match Foundation - Golden Beige ♥

Fortunately for me I seem to be one of those people whose skin and facial features are adaptable to different makeup textures and colours and unfortunately for my mother she is not therefore a lot of products that she buys and don't think suit her get passed onto me, win! L'Oreal's True Match Foundation is one of those products. I currently have four different foundations on the go, alternating them in use depending on what makeup look I'm going for on a particular day but I have to say that the one I find myself using the most is L'Oreal's True Match Foundation. I have combination skin, an oily t-zone with dry skin on my cheeks and my chin so finding a foundation which can combat all these elements and make my skin look good can be quite a challenge but I have been surprisingly pleased with this foundation. 

The first thing I like about this foundation is that it comes with a built in pump, I'm not a fan of those glass bottle foundations that have no way to dispense the product apart from tipping it on it's side, a complete disaster for a butter fingers like me! L'Oreal's True Match Foundation has a good colour range available for different skin tones and the particular one I'm wearing is 'Golden Beige', a warm coloured foundation with yellow undertones, perfect for my skin colour. The texture of this foundation is quite light and the liquid is quite thin, I thought this may cause coverage problems but thought made a fool of me, this foundation blends perfectly with my skin giving medium coverage, which can be built up to provide fuller coverage depending on what your makeup wearing preferences are. This foundation has a matte finish we I absolutely love as I find some foundations that I use can look quite dewy or oily and I have to powder my face a lot throughout the day to keep my foundation on but this is not the case with L'Oreal's True Match Foundation, I simply apply powder over this foundation in the morning and that is, my foundation is set. 

This foundation has average wear, it lasts me about six hours with a primer underneath and powder on top before I need a top up to refresh my face which I think is quite good considering that this is not a high end foundation. I like that the finish to this foundation is natural looking, it really gives a great appearance to my skin and I've even had people asking if it's MAC foundation I'm wearing, not bad for a foundation which only costs €14.99 as opposed to €32.00 for MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. 

Overall I'm really pleased with this foundation, it's working well for me and I'll continue to use it. I think the price is great and the formula is super blendable which I think is a great element to have in a foundation. I love the soft feel of it on my skin and the matte effect is the perfect look for me at the moment. You can find this foundation in all good drugstores.




  1. This sounds like a really great foundation! I struggle with foundations because I hate wearing them! I like mine light and this seems like a really good one I must try! xxx


  2. never tried this foundation, i really need to!

    zofia xo

  3. Something to add to my to buy list!


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