Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cotton Candy Hair ♥

Well I did it. After years of wanting to dye my hair pink I finally bit the bullet and actually did it.On a recent trip to Boots in Cork City I became infatuated with Bleach London's range of hair colours and was lusting after the 'Rose' colour, I decided that I definitely needed to try it, having only ever had blonde and a very brief encounter with brown hair throughout my life I decided I needed a change and what better shade to go than pink, after all pink is my favourite colour, along with grey but I'll save the grey until I'm old and naturally grey! I used the Bleach London Bleach to lighten my hair and remove the dark roots. This Bleach lightens your hair up to seven times lighter than your natural shade and it definitely removed my roots but I think I could have done with a second bottle, I didn't realise I had so much hair! After thirty-five minutes I washed the bleach out and towel dried my hair, then I applied the Rose hair colour and left it on my fifteen minutes before washing out. Once again I could have done with a second bottle of this, but hey, I know for next time. I love the colour I achieved, a gorgeous light cotton candy pink, not too in your face but quirky nonetheless, I love it. The next colour I'm going to try in the range is Blullini, a stunning blue shade which I'm also dying to try - no pun intended there! I've had people say I look like a fairy in the past so I definitely think they'll see a fairy now, it's so fab, I'm only sad I didn't dye my hair a crazy colour sooner!

What do you think of the pink look?

Stay pretty people!



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