Thursday, November 21, 2013

Co-Sleeping - My Thoughts ♥

Recently the question was asked in my pregnancy group - what does everyone think about the concept of co-sleeping? Although I do not co-sleep with my son I must say I am not against it at all, in fact I think it must be such a wonderful thing for both a parent and child to experience. My son has only fallen asleep in my bed with me once, that's once in over five months and I must admit that I'm quite sad at this fact. It seems he is too independent and will actually not settle anywhere now apart from his own cot, he's so set in his ways! He slept in a Moses basket in my room until he was six weeks old, he didn't seem to take to it though, he was disturbed by the rocking motion every time he moved therefore, I took the decision to move him into his cot in his own room at six weeks. This was so hard for me, I felt a sort of separation anxiety even though he was literally six steps away from my bed, I was just so sad that my room was not big enough to accommodate his cot but you know what, since that fateful night he has slept twelve hours a night, no waking up. That next morning I actually woke up from a lovely refreshing sleep and thought "my baby!", I ran to his cot to see him sound asleep and I then knew that he loved his own space and was much more comfortable in his big, roomy cot than being squashed in the tiny Moses basket. 

I have tried the co-sleeping thing, especially during the day when I am dying for a nap and I get into bed with the hope that my son will be comforted by being close to me, feel my warmth and realise how tired I am and drift off to sleep due to all my contagious yawning - not a hope. I have had one successful co-sleep with my baby and I loved it, even though I didn't get much sleep as I was worrying about moving and waking him up but I was fortunate to get a picture of this moment. I must say that I'm quite jealous of parents who are able to co-sleep with their child, I think it's a lovely bond to have and there is nothing more personal and close than sharing a bed with someone, even better if it is your child. My baby and I recently went on our first little holiday together and we shared a room, it was so wonderful for me, I somehow think he enjoyed it too. I worry about him so much when he goes to sleep, I always fear that he won't wake up, I'm such a nervous wreck when it comes to his bedtime, hence why I was so keen to try co-sleeping but he's not having any of it. When we shared the room on our little holiday it was so comforting to me as I could hear him breathing, his little sighs, him tossing and turning, it was truly lovely, parents who are able to successfully co-sleep with their child are so lucky to hear these comforting sounds of their child as they sleep and dream. 

This morning I tried once again, I think this may be the last time, to try and coerce my son into settling in my arms and co-sleeping with me. He lay there holding my hand as I stroked his hair and it was such a magical moment, I wished I could have this every nap time and night, I also thought I had finally got him to sleep and moved to turn but no, he was just resting his eyes and let out a little cry when I moved away, I held his hand once again and he was fine for about ten minutes until he starting crying, he was tired and longing for his cot. I reluctantly gave up with my co-sleeping efforts and took him to his cot, five minutes later he was sleeping like an angel, proving to me once again that co-sleeping is not for us. I really am in awe of parents who are able to co-sleep with their child, I see it as another bonding season and think the closeness must be amazing, I really wish I had this with my baby but it's not meant to be. I must admit that I miss the days when he was smaller and would fall asleep on my chest, there's no chance of that now, I miss that bonding time and feeling of being so close to him so perhaps my wanting to co-sleep is purely selfishness on my part, me not wanting to let go of my tiny baby. I think when I have my next child I will try co-sleeping with them and see how we get on but maybe they'll be just as set in their ways as my baby boy is. 

To sum it up I am completely supportive of parents who choose to co-sleep, I think it's a wonderful thing and to have this attachment between you and your child is an amazing thing to have. Do you co-sleep with your child? Are you for or against this concept?



  1. That's gorgeous! I get tired of people telling me not to co-sleep because it's really something I look forward to each day. My little one sleeps in my bed and he is so cuddly. :) Of course, I have to be extra careful not to squish him (and he needs to stop kicking me!)

  2. I had four children and always wanted my space at night so much to my husbands disgust I never welcomed a little one in. However along came number three who never drew breath day and night, so needs must and she made her way in. By the time number four arrived we could have got rid of the cot! Funnily enough she was the easiest of all and was back sleeping well at an earlier age to my others. Whether it was because we had co slept I don't know.


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