Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tyler Lee's OOTD - Black Cat ♥

I had bought two outfits for Tyler Lee for Halloween but having decided to go with the other I wanted to dress him up in this black cat costume just for the utter cuteness of it all! I cannot resist dressing my baby in fancy dress whenever I can, so far he's been a turtle, owl and now it's time to be a black cat. I picked up this costume in Penneys for €8 and it came with a velour baby grow with built in paws and a hat with a cat face and ears to match. There is also a little bow-tie/ribbon detail on the neck, it's so adorable! I had to take lots of pictures of him wearing this not only to remember how cute it all was but also to shame him when he's older! Oh how he'll hate me and all these outfits I just had to dress him up in. I love having these fancy dress moments with him, I'm like a wannabe Anne Geddes with the camera constantly on him when he's sporting an outfit like this, too sweet for words.

Black cat costume - Penneys/Primark



  1. He’s looks sooo cute!

  2. He looks so so cute

    Laura xx

  3. Awwww, that's cute! My baby boy gonna look gorgeous too i bet if he wears those too!! lol


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