Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tyler Lee - 8 Months Old ♥

My beautiful, bouncing baby boy is eight months old today, I really can't believe it, time really does fly when you're having fun! I am with my son everyday and haven't noticed him growing as obviously as others who don't see him as often do but my God, when I looked at him this week I suddenly wondered to myself - how the heck did he get so tall?! He's still toothless, I think we'll have to have a party once this tooth arrives, it's arrival has been as much anticipated as Tyler Lee's one arrival was! I keep fooling myself that I feel a ridge in his mouth and see white on his gums but no, it's all just wishful thinking on my part! My baby boy is so sweet, he loves to hold my hand and has learnt to give big slobbery kisses that are the sweetest thing a mother could experience from her little one. He's a happy little chappy and loves to laugh and smile, he's so curious and has to discover everything around him. He has learnt to sit up by himself, although he is still unable to pull himself into sitting position, not from lack of trying though I tell you, it's so funny to watch him do his little sit ups. He eats everything and anything but isn't so keen on milk anymore so I have to sneakily mix it into his meals. Tyler Lee has begun trying to say proper words - hiya, nana, dada but no mama, why no mama?! He must be saving the most important until last. I can't believe what joy he gives me and how I couldn't imagine my life without him, what did I do before I was a mother?! I love my little Lee Lee Lally so much, I just wish he'd stop growing so quickly, he'll always be my little baby, even when he's towering over me, forty years old with a family of his own, he'll always be my small one.



  1. This is so beautiful! Wishing him the happiest of birthdays. We recently found out we're having a baby boy =)

  2. Awww what a cutie! Happy 8 month birthday Tyler Lee :) xxx

  3. What a precious baby boy!!! He is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  4. He's enormous, and so handsome! I can't get over how blue his eyes are :)

    Jess xo

  5. When he does say Mama, he will never stop! Lovely pictures of a very happy looking little boy. Brings back very happy memories.

  6. When he does say Mama he will never stop! Beautiful pictures of a very happy little boy. Brings back lovely memories.

  7. What a beautiful baby boy!)
    Happy eight month Birthday, Tyler Lee!)

  8. awwwww so cute!!!! He gets more and more adorable!!!
    He sounds very similar to Tyne and I am the same with the tooth-hunting lol


  9. What a gorgeous lovely little boy. And don't you just love their little feet xx


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