Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Pixy Natural - Soothing Body Balm ♥

I wanted to share with you all another fantastic product from Pixy Natural, this time their Soothing Body Balm, a delightful, lightly whipped, mousse textured balm which is filled to the brim with all the goodness and nourishment your skin needs, especially with the colder months having well and truly arrived here in Ireland. I love the texture of this product, it's the same as the Glowing Body Butter which I have previously featured on the blog and it's like running your fingers through a bowl of whipped cream. It applies to the skin beautifully and absorbs quickly enriching your skin with all the goodness it needs to stay hydrated, protected and looking radiant. During the winter months my skin goes through a lot of beating from the wind, rain, indoor heating, etc and tends to get very dry, I can see this Soothing Body Balm becoming my skin's saviour this winter. 

The balm is made up of lots of nourishing treats for the skin from cocoa and Shea butters whisked together with Calendula natural oils, ylang ylang and lavender essential oils which all hydrate, moisturise, protect and heal the skin while giving it a gorgeous, uplifting and fresh mint-like scent. I have been using my Soothing Body Balm every night since I received it after my shower and the dry skin on my arms in gone. A little goes a long way with this product so only a little bit is needed to give beautiful looking skin. I think this is fantastic as my little tin will last a long time and longevity with a product is always a big plus for me, when you find a product you love you want it to last forever! Like with the other products from Pixy Natural I have tried I am super impressed by the benefits this product has given to my skin. Pixy Natural's products are filled to the brim with all of nature's goodness which are nothing but beneficial to skin and leave it looking beautiful, soft and at it's best.

 Pixy Natural's Soothing Body Balm is 12.99 for a 100ml tin which I think is a great price for such a lovely product. If you haven't tried any of Pixy Natural's products yet I highly recommend that you do and see the benefits they will have for your skin yourself, let yourself be enchanted by the magic! You can read more about the Soothing Body Balm and browse through Pixy Natural's other gorgeous products on their website. Keep an eye out for my little Pixy Natural giveaway which shall be coming soon!



  1. I just got this yesterday it smells so beautiful!

  2. Havent come across this brand before but i love any type of body balm and this sounds lovely xx


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