Wednesday, October 09, 2013

MoKee Mini Cot ♥

When I was pregnant one of the first things we bought for our impending arrival was a cot. I think a cot is one of the first things expecting parents think to buy for their little one as it is the most essential piece of baby furniture you will ever need. You can do without changing tables, wardrobes, etc but every baby needs a good sturdy and safe cot to sleep soundly in. A cot which I have recently come across and which offers all the safety reassurance a parent needs but is also very stylish is the MoKee mini cot. The MoKee mini cot comes in a range of five lovely colours from the traditional white to the stunning ivory plum for girls, the particular cot I have is stone teal, perfect for my baby boy. When searching for a cot while I was pregnant I hadn't seen any company offer a range of colours like MoKee has, all I found were whites, black and different shades of wood. I wish I had known about MoKee's range sooner as the stone teal colour is perfect for my sons room theme - nautical. I think these colour varieties make MoKee mini cots truly unique.

The cot is made of birch wood, which provides great sturdiness to the cot itself, the mattress base is made of hard MDF, ensuring that it won't break once baby gets to toddler stage and finds it fun to jump on the bed! A standard 120 X 60 cm mattress fits the cot and MoKee can provide these too for an additional 15 euro, I, fortunately already had a mattress so didn't need one. This cot is able to grow with your child and is suitable for children up to three years of age, you can simply remove one side of the cot to turn it into a toddler bed, I think this is another great element to the cot.

 The MoKee mini cot is available from 78 euro which includes free delivery and you can purchase the MoKee mini and also browse through the stunning coloured cots MoKee have to offer on their website. MoKee have very kindly given you, my lovely readers a 5 euro discount code, just enter dollydowsie0913 at the checkout! Happy Shopping!


  1. I saw this cot on another blog a few weeks ago and I think its great. Its great value for money and I think they look really stylish too!

    L x

  2. Ooh that's a lovely cot! Trying to persuade our Lil Dude his Moses basket is for sleeping. A move to the cot might follow shortly!
    Vicky x


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