Monday, October 28, 2013

Connecta Integra Baby Carrier ♥

Babywearing is at the height of popularity these days, mothers preferring to keep their baby close while out and about or doing stuff around the house and I must say that I love the idea. I recently got to try out the Connecta Integra baby carrier, mine being the Oscha Eden Copper Beech Connecta Integra Wrap Conversion, a stunning deep red/burgundy colour embroidered with a floral design and lined with a black fabric, it is gorgeous to look at and so stylish. This is part of the special edition Connecta Integra range. The fabric used on the outer layer is woven wrap fabric and is made from Tussah Silk and Cotton and both are of very high quality and are so luxurious, this carrier will not be prone to wear and tear. One of the things I was concerned about as a mother who had never used a baby carrier before was the safety aspect. I was terrified that the straps would give way and my baby boy would go crashing to the ground but no, the Connecta Integra is so secure and the thick, padded back straps make it both stable for baby and comfortable for a parent to wear.

The Connecta Integra is also so simple to put on. I was worried about having a lot of different straps and bits and pieces to connect, imagining myself spending hours beforehand actually trying to get the baby carrier on before leaving the house but I found this so easy to put on, I actually got it right first go! I favour the front carry position as I love having my son close to my chest as he's still small, however, the Integra can be worn in three ways beginners back carry and advanced back carry being the other two options. To use the Integra in front carry position I liken this to putting on an apron. Two straps go around your waist and clip in. You then put your baby up to your chest, placing their legs on either side of the fabric. Holding onto baby at all times with one arm you lift up the fabric with your free arm and guide the padded straps across your shoulders, each strap crosses over to the opposite side of your back and clips into a buckle on each side of your waist. The waist buckles are the largest ensuring totally security and safeness for baby. The Integra also has a overhanging piece of fabric which clips into two smaller buckles to support baby's head, however my son is so curious and loves to see what's around him so I usually leave this part down. I probably made this sound very complicated but it really isn't, I promise!

The Integra is suitable for babies from 3.5kg to 16kg (7.5lbs to 35lbs) and considering that my son is eight and a half months now and still well below this maximum weight I can see myself using this right up until the middle of next year at least. I only wish that I had embraced babywearing from the moment he was born, I would have loved that closeness and had him sleeping close to me as I pottered around the house or went out and about. I shall definitely be doing this with my Integra from the moment I have my second child. We now use the Integra a lot. My fiance and I both wear it whilst out shopping, just popping out somewhere or when we're trying to get stuff done around the house when our son is not co-operating and not wanting to entertain himself. We have gone exploring museums and national heritage sites with out son in his carrier, it's so great not having to deal with the hassle of a pram or buggy and being able to walk freely through busy places.The easiness and functionality of the Connecta is amazing and I really do love it. I highly recommend the Connecta Integra for any parents to be, it'll last you for months and is so luxurious, perfect for your precious little ones.

Remeber that if you use this or any other baby carrier always follow the T.I.C.K.S rule for safe babywearing.

My particular baby carrier, the Oscha Eden Copper Beech Connecta Integra is £95, you can view this carrier and browse through others in the Connecta range on the Connecta website.



  1. Hi Fiona, I know if I have a baby, i would use a baby carrier as i would want it near me as i do my shopping. *sigh* I can't wait to have a baby.

  2. It looks lovely, I want to do more baby wearing with our next baby!

    Kerry @ Lived With Love! | Mummy, Beauty & Lifestyle blog


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