Tuesday, October 08, 2013

C h l o r i s B o r i s Baby - Handmade Baby Shoes ♥

Back to baby posts today and I just had to show you all something new to coo over, Chloris Boris Baby handmade baby shoes. These shoes were lovingly handmade by the wonderful Vicki, the same lady who made my stunning rose print and polkadot tote bag. If you're a regular reader of my blog you will know that I love handmade pieces and try to support crafters as much as I can. I prefer to buy handmade pieces rather than mass produced items as they are, simply,  far more special than anything I can buy from a shelf and I know they have been made with so much care and love.

 I received a package wrapped in brown paper tied with a green ribbon and the Chloris Boris Baby label, to me this was so charming. Both pairs of shoes came in individual ribbon tied bags which made them a really special gift and I thought this was such a lovely touch, I now use these bags for storing the shoes and keeping them in perfect condition. Tyler Lee's shoes have been crafted to perfection by Vicki and they are soft enough for babies little feet to wear comfortably with lots of room for wriggly toes. His shoes are practical for both outdoors - strolls in his pram, keeping his feet warm and snug and for indoor use as he loves to shuffle around and hit his feet off the floor so these are perfect for protecting his little toesies! Tyler Lee's shoes are made of the finest quality cotton material, from first touch you can tell that these are something which will last forever, an heirloom to treasure and pass on to new little ones in the future. His shoes are made of checked material, one pair is white with orange, blue and yellow stripes and the other are green with orange and white stripes, both are lined with star detailed material, a beautiful touch which adds to the overall finish of the shoes. 

Chloris Boris Baby shoes are handmade to order so you can be guaranteed that your shoes are unique to your little ones feet, there are designs for little baby girls and boys and each fabric is absolutely stunning! I have seen the fabrics which Vicki posts on the Chloris Boris Facebook page and there is something to suit all tastes for sure, what I love is that the designs for baby boys are just as lovely as the pretty ones for baby girls, something which is lacking in high street baby clothes and ranges. There is a size guide on the Chloris Boris Baby Etsy shop making it very easy to see what size you need to get for the special little person in your life. Chloris Boris Baby also accepts custom made orders so you can request something special, unique and beautiful just for you and your little angels.

 Chloris Boris Baby handmade shoes are 10.95 and available to order from the Chloris Boris Baby Etsy shop.



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    1. I know, I love them! Thanks for reading :) xo

  2. Thank you so much Fi for writing such nice things about my shoes and being so supportive! Your little man is the perfect model, looking forward to making some novelty Christmas shoes! x

  3. They are adorable! Love the packaging too! x


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