Monday, September 16, 2013

Tyler Lee - 7 Months Old ♥

My little angel is seven months old today, how did this happen, it seems like only yesterday I was holding him in my arms and wondering how he had a head of dark hair when we're all blondes! Well it seems he takes after the blondes too has his head of straight, dark brown hair has been replaced with thick blonde locks that have a bit of a kink to them. His eyes have gotten so much more blue and they are the one feature of his that everyone comments on, his eyes are beautiful. My little Tyler Lee is no longer little and is now so heavy to hold but he is tall and thin like his daddy, I'm only comforted by the fact that his legs are still a tad but too short for trousers aged 6-9 months, he is little after all! He is now finding his voice even more and the little coos have turned into shouting, singing and talking in his own little baby language, when he has his dummy in his mouth and tries to talk it always sounds like he's saying "Dear oh dear oh dear" - too adorable! Tyler Lee can't yet sit up and is trying his best to crawl but can't quite work out how to get up on his knees yet. He still loves his food but has totally gone off his bottle, something quite worrying for me as I want him to have lots of dairy in his diet so I've been lacing his porridge with milk, feeding him lots of yogurts and putting milk in his fruit puree! Tyler Lee is such a happy baby boy and loves to laugh, he finds the most strangest things hilarious and loves to be tossed up in the air and jump up and down in his bouncer, he's an active little one and can't stay still for two seconds! He loves his puppy comforter and his Hector Hippo who you will see him giving kisses to below, it's so sweet to see him interacting with toys and playing. Another month has gone by and more memories have been made, times which I'll never forget. I love you little Lee Lee Lally Lou Lou, never change ...



  1. Lovely post! He is gorgeous!! xxx

  2. Can't believe he's 7 months! Time is flying. He is getting cuter and cuter x

  3. Oh wow Fiona I cannot believe how blonde he's gone since the last update I saw!!!!!

    Bless him, he gets more and more gorgeous.

    Aww Lee Lee Lally Lou Lou may be the sweetest mad-mummy nickname I've heard so far!!! haha! It beats my own! (Sausage McGausage!) lol.


  4. Oh, he is so adorable Fi, I thought he looked just like you, but seeing his daddy in some pics of your days out, I think he's a good mix of you both. He really is a handsome chap.x

  5. Cute little boy, I wish him the best of everything!)


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