Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pretty Post #18 ♥

I haven't written my Pretty Post feature since August, terrible! I must say that my writing mojo disappeared for the month of August. I had begun to feel very let down by people who I considered to be my friends and who I had given so much effort and time to in the past three years but it seems they didn't appreciate this. I guess snail mail friendships can be just as finicky as local, face to face friendships. I have tried to put this disappointment aside and concentrate on the lovely friendships I have formed and the beautiful letters these pals write to me. I was so happy with the letters I received this week, sincere and genuine words, pretty paper (I love fairytales and folklore so Amy's 'Dream like a fairytale/Little Red Riding Hood paper was such a treat!), a beautiful handmade bracelet and some Australian flag bunting, I'm a lucky lady!

I hope next week brings more pretty post to my letterbox.

Stay pretty people and embrace vintage communications!



  1. Don't you just love getting letters in these times :) I hope you keep getting these lovely letters so we can see your posts about them. I really want to write so much more but i can't seem to find words. Just want to say that if some of your pen pals didn't write you back then they don't deserve your friendship , time and your lovely letters.Stay happy and healthy :)

    1. Thank you Faiza, that is so kind of you to say :) xo

  2. The red riding hood themed parcel is so cute!

  3. love these, how did you meet your penpals?x

  4. What a fabulous idea, and who wouldn't love to get letters like this in the post?


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