Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pixy Natural - Strawberry, Honey & Coconut Lip Balms ♥

Having posted about Pixy Natural's amazing Glowing Body Butter last week and the positive response it got I just had to share some more of their gorgeous products with you, this time it's their strawberry, coconut and honey lip balms I'm loving. Living in Ireland it's necessary to keep a lip balm with you at all times, the changeable weather can make lips cracked and very dry and now that autumn has arrived it's the perfect time to test out these products. Like with all of Pixy Natural's products these smell divine and true to ingredients within them. These sweet lip balms come in a nifty little silver tin, ideal for keeping your lip balm secure, free from unwanted elements and crumbling, unlike lip balms which come in stick form. My absolute favourite is the strawberry lip balm, it smells like the strawberry chocolate in a tin of Cadbury's Roses and makes my mouth water every time I wear it, which has been everyday since I got it - really not good for the diet! The colour of each of the lip balms is quite striking but all appear clear on the lips, they are so soothing and moisturising on the lips and mine are now completely chap free, fantastic! All of these lip balms are made from natural ingredients which have great beneficial and healing properties for the lips - cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil, beeswax and mica, each ingredient working to keep lips soft and supple. I think my lip balms will last me for a very long time as a little goes a long way, just a small sweep on the lips can keep them hydrated for hours. I have now begun applying my strawberry lip balm over my lipstick as it was drying out my lips and it creates a lovely sheen whilst keeping my lips hydrated, I love it and it's now a staple in my handbag! I really can't recommend Pixy Natural's products enough, they're Irish, natural and work wonderfully, what more could you want? Oh maybe a recession friendly price? Well these lip balms are just €3.99 each, an absolute bargain for such a lovely beauty product. Do give Pixy Natural's products a go, I know for sure you will be enchanted by their magic, just like I was.

 Pixy Natural's lip balms also come in mint and chocolate and are all available to buy from the Pixy Natural website. 
Stay pretty people!



  1. I wish it was available here in the Philippines..

    1. Maybe I'll have to hold a Pixy Natural giveaway Jes! :)

  2. This looks amazing! I really want to try the honey one and the coconut one.


  3. Hi! It sounds like something for me! I suffer with dry lips and anything with almond oil helps!

    Thanks for this post :)

  4. Oh fab - I have been meaning to try these! I just have about 30 on the go at the moment!

  5. These look amazing! I've been wanting to try Pixy products for a while, must give them a try next time I see them in a pharmacy!

    Emma x

  6. I'm mad to try the mint one, and there Almond Milk face scrub. Free deliver within Ireland when you spend over a tenner. Well worth it. Lovely review!

    Cint X

  7. These look lovely and the packaging is so cute! :-)

  8. These sound soo nice!



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