Monday, September 09, 2013

Pixy Natural - Glowing Body Butter ♥

As everyone knows I am always happy to support Irish business and products whenever I can so you can imagine how delighted I am to be showing you a product today which incorporates two of my passions in life - Irishness and beauty! Pixy Natural is an Irish company which create the most amazing looking and smelling beauty products made from all natural ingredients. They have a wide range of products to indulge yourself in and to give your skin a serious pampering session! I love the company branding of pixies, magic and folklore, the whole thing is very magical and so very Irish. Today I want to rave to you about the Glowing Body Butter which I have become addicted to since I first opened the lovely silver tin it comes in. 

The Glowing Body Butter smells seriously amazing, a very fresh jasmine fragrance which leaves you dying to use it. The product has an soft orange/gold colour which is very eye catching and my favourite part, the texture, it's so lightly whipped that it's like running your fingers through a bowl whipped cream, I love it! The Glowing Body Butter contains cocoa and shea butters to indulge your skin, leaving it beautifully soft, apricot oils which give the product it's lovely colour, almond, coconut and vitamin E oils to nourish your skin and mica to give you a gorgeous glow.

I use this product now every night before bed and it massages into the skin so well. It leaves my skin looking radiant and feeling soft and the fragrance really is lovely. In my opinion the product is so luxurious and really is a treat for my skin. Usually I begin using body butters but then can't be bother faffing around with them anymore but the Glowing Body Butter makes me want to use it all up, it really has won me over. Now my skin is nourished daily by natural ingredients from Pixy Natural. I really have been enchanted by the magic of it all and I'm sure you will be too.

The Glowing Body Butter is €12.99 and is available to buy from the Pixy Natural website or from one of their many stockists around Ireland.


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