Sunday, September 01, 2013

Family Day Out - Fota Wildlife Park ♥

It was a lovely sunny Sunday so Jacek and I decided to go to Fota Wildlife Park, a place where I've been wanting to take Tyler Lee all summer but unfortunately we didn't get around to it. Thankfully I can now cross it off my list and I'm so glad we went as my boys and I had a wonderful day out. Fota Wildlife Park is just five minutes away from our house by car and is a very popular place in the area for families to spend a day out, view all the animals and on my occasions enjoy a picnic. The wildlife park is a fantastic place to bring children, the animals are not left in small enclosures and some are even left roam around, it's great to see. There are animals from all over the world in the park - giraffes, zebras, penguins, kangaroos and bison to name a few. It took us three hours to walk around so it really was a fun filled day with lots to see. At the end we went to the gift shop where Tyler Lee expressed a penchant for the Cheetah cuddly toys so we got him one to remember his trip to Fota. We got lots of lovely pictures for the family album and had such a lovely day outdoors enjoying the wildlife and the nature. This will be our first of many visits to Fota I'm sure, there's far too many playgrounds and activities there for him to enjoy there when he's older to stop us from visiting again!

This won't be the last of our family outings this year. Hopefully on Tuesday we will be going to a castle in our area! Tyler Lee gets out a lot for a six month old!



  1. Very beautiful photos, Fiona! Made me want a family of my own:) xx

  2. Awww looks like a lovely day out!!! Wow doesn't Tyler look like his Daddy?!!!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks - UK Based parenting blog

    1. We loved it Hayley, family days out are the best aren't they? You think he looks like Jacek?! Everyone says he's my mini me :) xo


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