Saturday, September 07, 2013

Family Day Out - Barryscourt Castle & Orchard ♥

After our shopping trip on Tuesday we decided to take a trip to Barryscourt Castle and it's gardens, a 16th century castle just a ten minute drive from our home, yet I had never been there despite living so close to it all my life, the shame! The castle is a fantastic site, towering up towards the sky and really is a wonderful structure standing out amongst the Irish countryside. The castle has been extensively restored over the years and we were really looking forward to seeing the inside, however, health and safety issues simple wouldn't allow it. The steep and winding staircase of the castle would make it impossible for someone to climb whilst carrying a baby and I wouldn't even want to risk the injury to Tyler Lee so we simply admired the castle from the outside. However the castle also boasts a lovely, peaceful orchard filled with apple trees which were just dripping with fruit and apples were scattered all over the grass, Jacek treated himself to a tasty, Irish grown apple, he said it was delicious! Luckily the sky was clear blue and the sun was shining for our outdoor adventure. Tyler Lee was mesmerised by all the trees, he even did his best ghost of the castle impression as you'll see in a picture below! I love these family days out and all are wonderful memories for me with my boys and events to write about in Tyler Lee's scrapbook. I hope this won't be the last of our family outings for the year even though the weather has gotten much cooler and autumn has well and truly arrived. I promise I'm not working for the Irish tourist board! I just can't help sharing all these magical and beautiful places in my country with you all, especially when they are so close to my home too.

Barryscourt Castle is open from May 23rd to 25th of September daily. It's definitely worth a look if you're in the area, such a beautiful place.



  1. Aww such lovely photos, you have a cute little family :) Tyler Lee is your double Fiona! xx

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    1. Awh thank you Emma! I think he's much prettier than me though! :) xo

  2. Beautiful, looks like you had a fab day out :o). Xx

    1. Thank you Charlotte! We had a great day :) xo


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